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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter

11137086_10155400154220646_5518566774885718483_nSo happy Easter everyone.  :) Not really doing anything for Easter but we had the weekend off, both Saturday and Sunday which was nice. 

Yesterday, Saturday, we slept in a bit and then decided to take advantage of the fairly nice weather to go for a 4.5 mile walk. It was breezy and only about 50F (=10C) but still felt nicer than the bone chilling cold we have been having all winter. Brrr. So we went for our walk and afterwards for a late lunch in Oxford at 121. 

Afterwards at night I stayed home to watch the mid season premiere of "Outlander" - episode 9. Was really excited to see a new episode after the 6 month hiatus. Definitely did not disappoint. 

Today we went up to Southbury to look for a new kitchen table-chair set but ended up having to abondon that idea. The prices went way up overnight due to a sale ending.  How annoying. The staff did tell us that it's very likely for the same furniture to go on sale again next week or the week after so fingers crossed. Will need to check the prices before we drive there next time. 

Hanging out at Flipside in Fairfield now where they have all day happy hour today. Yay for yummy skinny margaritas. And tomorrow is already Monday again.  Ugh. 

Mail Update. All caught up for once. Let's see how long that lasts. I know there is a letter from Spain on its way. :)

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