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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Clark in the Berkshires in MA

IMG_20150719_144526So another crazy week. The first week since our transition/switch and well let's just say things haven't been exactly super smooth. But I guess I didn't really expect them to be either. I am hoping things will work themselves out. 

Also had to interview and look for an replacement employee for someone who simply disappeared. I really don't get people. That's all I am going to say about it. 

So tomorrow, Monday, I am going to start training my new employee. Only 8 more days until I leave for Europe and there is still sooo much left to do. Both at work and just random errand stuff at home. 

Yesterday we worked and after work went to see Ant-Man at the movies. I am not usually a comic book person at all but I really enjoyed the movie. It was fun and light hearted and managed not to take itself too seriously. 

Today, Sunday, we decided to find something to do indoors since the heat and humidity is just off the charts. So we drove up to the Berkshires in Massachusetts and went to the Clark Art Institute. Very neat permanent collection with lots of impressionists plus a cool VanGogh exhibit. 

Now lunch at a neat place called Hops & Vines. Had a super yummy salad and delicious rose while Mike tried out some different beers. 

Mail Update: A letter went out on Friday to: Laura/Spain. A letter is going out tomorrow to: Charles/TN. Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Caroline/Scotland. 

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