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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Back to every day life

PixlrAnd here I am, back in Connecticut and back to the daily grind so to speak. 

Arrived back here on Wednesday afternoon. Everything went pretty smooth (the flight, immigration & customs, luggage etc) so no complaints about that.  The ride back from JFK wasn't all that bad either I suppose so that was good.  

Worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Am slowly shaking the jetlag. Mostly back to normal now except I am still waking up pretty early in the morning. Not an issue on work days but today I would have enjoyed sleeping in some more. Oh well. Hardly the biggest issue. 

Yesterday after work we took the train from Danbury to South Norwalk for a late lunch at the Local Kitchen. Had a nice meal and hung out for some time before taking the train back.  

Today we decided to head to the movies to see "Love and Friendship". The weather has been nice and sunny but a bit hot to really spend any extended time outside. Would like to go for a walk or hike but we will see how the weather develops.  As summer approaches we might just need to get used to the hotter temperatures and learn to deal.

Mail Update. Wrote a letter to Jessica/DE today that should be mailed tomorrow. Still owe a letter/reply to: Eunice/Malta. 

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