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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Cinco de Mayo, work stuff & Lularoe

PixlrWell let's start with the best news. Mike has a new job. :) He starts tomorrow, Monday. I haven't written too much on here about it but basically he was laid off from the same company as me (we worked together for the last 14ish years) last summer. Since then he's done stuff on and off here and there and has explored some opportunities. But nothing had quite come through until this latest opportunity. 

He is going to be working for a real estate management company doing a little bit of everything. It's super close to home (5 min drive) and he also works with 2 other people from our former company who also have jobs there now. So it sounds like a win-win. Fingers crossed. :)

 For me work is still busy. Pretty much going to be like this for the summer. Just trying to buckle in and go along for the ride. Let's see if I can survive my first summer in relocation. :)

Today I am meeting up with some people from work. There is a Lularoe and Arbonne party. I am not in the loop with all the cool kids stuff so I am not quite sure what to expect but that's ok. There will be food and wine so hey it's all good. :) 

For Cinco de Mayo we were at Rizzuto's which yes is an Italian restaurant but they have delicious themed specials usually and didn't disappoint this year either. Yum. 

Letter/Mail Update: Received letters from/owe replies to: Celia/MA, Michelle/CA, Eloine/NY and Caroline/Scotland. 

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