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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fun with friends in NYC, a bridal shower and more

Pixlr (3)And already Sunday night again. I know I say that pretty much every week but I really never know how the week flies by so fast. And the weekend seems to be gone before I know it - pretty much every single week.

Well, let's recap last week. Monday I took the day off from work and went down to NYC to meet up with my friends Lena & Joseph. It was great seeing them after such a long time. Had a great day in NYC. Enjoyed a lovely brunch/lunch and walked a lot. Definitely got my exercise but you really don't notice in NYC. There is so much to see and look at plus if you are talking while walking you really don't realize how much you have walked. Fun day and the weather cooperated as well.

The middle of the week was super hot so all in all we lucked out with the weather. This weekend it's quite a bit cooler again. Some rain on the horizon for this coming week. Guess it doesn't matter too much if I am in the office anyway.

Yesterday, Saturday, I went to my friend Megan's bridal shower. We used to work together at my old job but have kept in touch. Don't see each other that often but it's always nice to catch up. Her wedding is in July in Mystic, CT. Always fun to spend some time in that area so definitely looking forward to that. 

I can't remember but I feel like I never mentioned meeting up with my friend/pen pal Mary a few weeks back. We met up the Thursday before I saw Lena & Joseph. First time I had met her face to face but we have known each other since around 2002. Used to pen pal back then when she lived in Alaska. Since then she has moved to WA state but was visiting friends and family on the East Coast. Was nice to meet up and hopefully we will get to do it again some time soon. 

Work is still busy. I think it's pretty much going to be like that until after the summer. Just need to hold on and do my best. :) Mike's figuring out things at his new job as well. Any new job can be a bit daunting and stressful but just need to be patient and hang in there. RIght? 

Letter/Mail Update: A letter went out on Tuesday to: Michelle/CA. Received letters from/owe replies to: Lotte/Denmark, Celia/MA, Eloine/NY and Caroline/Scotland. 

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