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Monday, January 15, 2018

January Musings

Pixlr (11)And another Monday upon us. Ugh. The weekends always fly by way too fast. And it's cold again. Brrrr. Ugh. Last week felt like a long week at work. I guess it was the first full 5 day week after all the holiday days off plus I was covering someone for a few days so it just felt like a long week. I was very excited when Friday rolled around but somehow the weekend flew by super fast. We didn't even really do anything much. Saturday we went to the movies and finally saw "Star Wars". We are not big fans of seeing these types of movies in a super crowded movie theater so we always wait a few weeks. Even then, on a Saturday at a 11am showing there were still a decent amount of people in the theater. I guess it's the type of movie that people go and see multiple times, which is why it plays for so long. Anyway, I enjoyed it. I am not a crazy Star Wars person but I did enjoy the movie. Afterwards we went for lunch and in the evening I just hung out at home. 

My Saturday evening was super lazy really. I re-watched the "Print Shop" episode of Outlander while drinking tea. My niece went to a Latin American deli/restaurant and picked up some food because her and her boyfriend were staying over so I had some food. Trying to be better with my eating in the new year because I do want to lose some weight but it's just hard. Ugh. lol. Anyway after I was done with my Outlander episode I just vegged out on the couch curled up under my blanket, surfing the web. 

Sunday we slept in and I also managed to de-clutter a little bit. Brought some of the seasonal stuff up into the attic. The tree is still up. I know it needs to be taken down, just haven't had the energy. My ankle is still bothering me at times, especially when I walk up and down stairs so trekking up into the attic especially when it's this cold out is not that fun. Although I am happy to report when I brought up some of the other seasonal stuff on Sunday my ankle was bothering me far less on the stairs than it had some weeks ago so I suppose that's good news. Also vacuumed the bedroom (it really needed it) and felt semi productive after all that. 

Later on we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant and then later caught up on our recorded shows. We are actually caught up on them which is pretty good. Well we still haven't watched 'Stranger Things" (season 2 I mean) but we are caught up on all the other normal network stuff. So hey, that's something. Anyway now it's Monday. I have a dentist appointment at 4pm today. (originally it was scheduled for a week and a half ago when we had the snow storm but I re-scheduled) It's just a cleaning but it will be my first cleaning with the braces on. Well I guess we will see how it goes. 

Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Kimber/Canada and Tiffany/OK. 

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