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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Crazy Weather & Low Key Week/Weekend

Instaweather_20180221_164723And already Sunday night again. It's been a relatively quiet week. Well work was busy at times but my private life was relatively low key and quiet as IMG_20180221_180631_065Mike left for a business trip on Wednesday and is not coming back till tomorrow morning. It was an unexpected trip but at least he got some time to enjoy himself over the weekend before heading back. In the meantime I was still here in CT, going to work and doing my usual thing.

Wednesday when he left was the weirdest weather day for Connecticut in February. High temps reached 80F (26C) at one point. So crazy. I worked from home on Wednesday and had all the windows open during the day. The cats were definitely enjoying it. I was able to finish work at 4 and walked downtown to make some use of the nice weather. Went to the library to get some books and then stopped at the new coffee shop right across from the library. After that since it was still so nice out I decided to walk up Main Street and try out the relatively new restaurant/bistro called "Pour Me". I was in luck as they have a special on Wednesdays for 'Wine Wednesday" (2 glasses of wine plus a flatbread pizza) Stayed there for a bit and then made my way back home. 

The weather turned more February like on Thursday (schools actually had early dismissals due to sleet) again so I have spent most of my evenings and the weekend indoors. Did manage to make another quick trip to the library on Saturday morning before the rain started but other than that been indoors. Been watching a lot of movies ("The Jane Austen Book Club", "Mother's Day", "All Roads Lead to Rome" and today "The Circle") as well reading. Finished "The Breakdown" by B.A. Paris in a night and also read a murder mystery set at a B&B in the South. Might start another book tonight in a bit. 

Also managed to write three letters, vacuum and clean up a little. Also answered all of my outstanding emails. So all in all it's been a few productive days I suppose. I am definitely ready for Mike to be home tomorrow though and for things to go back to normal. As nice as it is to have the bed to myself and to be able to watch chick flicks on end it does get old after a while. :) 

Letter/Mail Update: Letters are going out tomorrow to: Kimber/Canada, Lotte/Denmark and Nina/WA.

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