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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Labor Day Weekend in DC

IMG_20180901_203113_515And here we are. It's September and unofficially Labor Day weekend always marks the end of the summer here in the US (officially fall doesn't start Pixlr (2)until Sept. 22nd of course) The weather has been hot and humid so it definitely doesn't feel like fall. We were in Washington DC over the long weekend and it was even hotter and more humid there than here in CT. We still made the best of it and had a fun weekend. 

Holiday weekend traffic can be a bitch too but all in all it really wasn't too bad. We drove down on Saturday morning and our GPS rerouted us a couple of times due to accidents and slowdowns but we made good time. On the way back yesterday (Monday) we did end up with about a 30 min. delay due to an accident on the George W Bridge. But all in all it could have been worse I suppose. There were definitely a lot of people on the road, especially yesterday. We stopped at a rest-stop on the NJ Turnpike and holy crap, I don't know if I have ever seen so many people at a rest-stop before. The line for the women's bathroom was almost out the door. Crazy! 

Anyway, DC was fun. We stayed at the Madison Hotel (awesome deal on Travelzoo that also included parking which otherwise would have been $58 per night) which was pretty conveniently located. On Saturday we had lunch at Capitol City Brewing and then headed to the mall to walk around and look at the monuments. We have of course seen them but it's always a neat experience. Ended up getting caught in a massive downpour and drenched to the core but in a way it was almost refreshing because it was a relief from the heat and humidity for a bit. Of course as soon as it stopped and the sun came back out it was even more humid than before. Oh well. 

Sunday we decided to do a few museums. Went to the Spy Museum (really cool), the National Portrait Gallery (which had a bunch of other art besides the presidential portraits as well) and the National Gallery (huge art museum split between two buildings) Th Smithsonian museums are all free so that's always nice. The Spy Museum we did have to pay for but it was a neat thing to do. Next time we want to check out the Newseum (a museum centered around the press/news) Almost wish we had done it this time (seems like something that would be very apropos for the times we are in right now) but we just didn't have enough time. 

Sunday night we had dinner at the Grillfish, always a delicious place. And yesterday, Monday, we slept in before heading for an early lunch at Legal Seafoods. After lunch we headed back and made it back to Danbury by about 7.30pm so not too terrible really. And well, now it's Tuesday morning and back to reality and work. Not sure I am ready but I guess it is what it is, right? 

etter/Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Laura/Spain. 

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