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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from the Azores

Pixlr (3)And already day 3 here on Terceira (Azores). We left Boston on Wednesday night and arrived here Thursday morning Pixlr_20181124205534903(Thanksgiving Day). The ride to the airport wasn't too bad considering it was the day before a a major holiday so we arrived quite early. Gave us some time to chill and hang out before our flight. 

So we arrived Thursday morning and were hoping to crash in our room for a bit but unfortunately the room wasn't ready yet due to it being early. So we chilled in our rental car for a bit before walking into the town. Walked through the old town, taking some pictures and eventually had lunch at a neat cafe/bar. Hung out there for a bit before walking back to the hotel. Then went up to a lookout point which turned out to be interesting (curvy mountain roads) but the views were quite nice. 

Yesterday, Friday, we did some more exploring around the west side of the island. Had a delicious lunch, met a donkey, walked a lot (so many hills!!) and had a generally pleasant day. In the evening we walked back into the center of Angra and had dinner at the same cafe/bar. 

And today, Saturday, was a pretty rainy and windy day. Decided to sleep in and then walked into the center of town for lunch. Had a delicious seafood lunch overlooking the water. When we were done it was down-pouring pretty hard so we decided to take a cab to the museum. Spent some time exploring the museum which was surprisingly large and interesting. When we were done at the museum the rain had lightened up again a bit so we were able to walk back to the hotel without getting too badly soaked. Relaxed in the room for a bit before heading out to dinner. Ugh, so so full now. Don't usually have 2 full meals per day at home. But it was definitely yummy. Now back at the hotel relaxing with some more wine. 

Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny again so we will spend some more time exploring the island. Definitely been having a good time so far. 

Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Nina/WA, Carmen/Malta and Tiffany/OK. 

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