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Monday, June 24, 2019

"Kiss Me Kate" - NYC Saturday

IMG_20190622_231521_035And Monday morning again. Ugh. Somebody recently told me that Monday is their favorite day of the week, because it's a fresh start/clean slate, a whole new week ahead. I understand the sentiment behind it but not sure I can feel the same way. Not sure what my favorite day is. I think my favorite time/day is Friday around 6pm when the work week has ended and the weekend is just about to begin. Yeah, if I had to pick I think that's it. Otherwise Saturday. Because it's the first weekend day and it's a full day and I can still sleep in the next day. 

This Saturday we had a fun day in NYC. Went to see "Kiss Me Kate" on Broadway and then had dinner reservations at Osteria al Doge. Before the show we also stopped at Lilie's again which was a lot of fun. We discovered that place last time when we saw Beetlejuice on Broadway. Such a cool find for midtown. Usually the bars in midtown are all kind of generic and not that great. This is unique and the food is really good too. This time we only had chicken fingers (didn't want to ruin our appetite since we were heading to dinner after the show) But even the chicken fingers were pretty delicious. Will definitely need to go back again. We will also need to check out their other location downtown some time. 

Oh speaking of downtown. Just booked Mike's Christmas gift from last Christmas. I had gotten him a Pizza, Beer & History walking tour in Greenwich Village in NYC. So we are doing that in a few weeks, July 27th. Looking forward to that. We have done music & artist related walking tours in the city before and this one also incorporates food and drinks so what's not to love. lol. Still a month away but I am sure we will have fun. 

Before that we also get to head back out to the North Fork July 13-14 (Sat/Sun) Our American wedding anniversary is July 12 so we centered it around that date. Always fun heading out to the North Fork doing some wine tasting and hanging out. Last time we were out there in February. It's much more low key during off season so we will see what this will bring going out there in the middle of the summer. I don't know if we have ever been out there on a summer weekend. I think one year we went to Montauk but that's so long ago and honestly can't remember when exactly it was. We will have to head out there again some time too. Lately we have been more focused on the North Fork but the South Fork with the Hamptons does of course have some pretty spots too. And Montauk is definitely worth a re-visit. 

Alright, I better get ready for work and face this new work week. Let's see how it goes.  

Letter/Mail Update:  Have received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. 

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