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Sunday, July 21, 2019

HEATWAVE weekend

SnoopyA rare Sunday update. :) I have a little bit of time so I figured it would be good to get my weekly update in. Slept till about 10 even though it's super hot. Then sat on the couch for a while reading which was an enjoyable way to start the morning. Eventually decided to start up the computer to get my post in. :) 

The week has been ok. Busy at work as usual but I guess that's really to be expected at this time of the year. We are also experiencing a really annoying heatwave at the moment but crazy high temps and humidity. Heat warnings in effect. Real feel temps of 110F (43C). It's definitely not good weather to be outdoors. So yesterday, Saturday, we went to the movies in the morning and saw "Stuber". It was entertaining and funny. Definitely not an Oscar type movie but funny enough and a good way to get out of the heat and into the AC for a while. Afterwards we went for lunch at 121 in Oxford. And later stopped into Two Steps for a couple glasses of wine before heading home. Caught up on some recorded shows. It was still really hot after the sun went down but with all the fans blasting on high it was tolerable more or less. 

Today we don't have a lot of plans either really. Laying low this weekend with the heat. Plus last weekend we were busy on the North Fork so it's good to have a quiet weekend to balance things out. Slept in this morning, now just relaxing, reading, updating my blog. Then we will head to Rosy's for lunch in a bit. Every summer they have their Seafood Fest specials and Mike really enjoys the crab legs. I'll probably get a salad, they do have a few pretty delicious ones. So that's the plan for the near future. We'll see what we end up doing after that. Also need to run a few errands, pick up groceries and eventually are going to watch some more recorded shows probably. So all in all a relaxing day ahead. 

In other news, booked 2 nights in Philly over Labor Day weekend. Going to finally see Megan and Jonathan who moved there a while ago. So that should be fun. We also have 1 night in Boston coming up in August. And next weekend we have the "Pizza, Beer and History Tour" in NYC. So keeping busy. :)

Letter/Mail Update:  A letter went out last Tuesday to Celia/MA. 

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