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Monday, July 29, 2019

Pizza, Beer & History - NYC - Walking Tour Weekend

IMG_20190729_070904_426And it's Monday again. I really dislike Mondays. But what can you do? 

We did have a nice weekend. On Saturday we went to NYC for the "Pizza, Beer and History Tour". We took the train down and stopped at Blue Haven for a bit as the tour didn't start until 3pm. We ordered chicken tenders which turned out to be a huge portion. Honestly we should have skipped the food because they fed you quite a bit of pizza on the tour. I was so full afterwards. Our first stop was Artichoke Pizza and that was honestly quite unique. We had their traditional artichoke slice and it was super creamy and filling. I am not even usually a big fan of artichokes but this was really good. Just super filling. Our second stop was Joe's Pizza. I thought it was pretty good, your typical NYC cheese pizza by the slice. Mike was underwhelmed with it but I thought it was decent enough. After that we stopped at the Blind Tiger for a beer. And from there moved on to Bleeker Street Pizza and had their "Nonna Maria" slice which was pretty delicious. The tour ended near the Stonewall Inn and we had another beer at Kettle of Fish. Lots of neat history tid bits and facts thrown in between all the food and beer stops as well. Definitely a fun experience and the other people on the tour were fun as well. There were 6 of us so it wasn't a huge group which made it easier/better probably. Funny thing is that the other people all lived in NYC. 

Yesterday, Sunday, we went to the movies to see the new Tarantino movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". Would definitely recommend the movie. It was a typical Tarantino movie in a lot of ways and in a lot of ways it also wasn't. But if you enjoy that era of Hollywood it's a great movie to see even just for the visuals and the cinematography. Of course there was violence but then that's just Tarantino. I won't write too much else about it to avoid given away any spoilers. But either way, go see the movie if you are a Tarantino fan and have enjoyed his other movies. I'd definitely recommend it. The funny thing is Tarantino is something that has kind of grown on me having lived here for this many years. I remember when I first lived in CA in 98-99 my ex boyfriend tried to get me to watch "Pulp Fiction" and I was absolutely horrified by it. I think I will need to revisit that movie again to see if I'd actually enjoy it now, after having seen a bunch of his newer films. 

So yeah, that sums up our weekend. Another week ahead now. Just a few more days left in July. This summer seems to be zipping by. It's a bittersweet thing for me. Because part of me is definitely longing for summer to be over/have the crazy busy season at work behind us. And I really enjoy fall. I love the crisp blue skies, the slightly cooler weather, the leaves changing colors. But at the same time that also signals that winter is ahead and oh god how do I hate winter. I feel the past few winters have just been endless too. We haven't had much of a spring these past years, pretty much moving from winter straight into summer. Ugh. 

Alright enough complaining. Better get ready for work. :) 

Letter/Mail Update:  Owe a reply/received a letter from Lotte/Denmark. 

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