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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

And it's Christmas Eve ...

IMG_20191224_110654_388Christmas Eve already. Where has this year gone? Really crazy. But then I do say this every year but this year it feels like the year has flown by especially fast somehow. But anyway, it's a nice day today. Sunny, cool but not freezing cold. It has warmed up a bit these past few days so all the ice finally melted. After our ice storm it was super cold for almost a week straight so none of the ice really ever melted. All the trees and grass and surfaces were all coated in ice for a week straight. I will admit that it did look a bit more Christmassy when everything was coated in white outside but I will trade that for being able to walk outside and down our outside stairs without having to worry about breaking my neck. lol. 

Over the weekend we went to see the new Star Wars movie which I did enjoy. I am not a huge Star Wars fan but do enjoy the movies. Friday was our Christmas party at work and that was also a lot of fun. Always entertaining. And Sunday, let's see what did we do Sunday? I think Sunday was mostly just a relaxed day. Oh yeah, Mike got the oil changed on the car and then we had lunch at Flipside in Fairfield. With a stop at Centrico to drop off some gingerbread for our friends afterwards. 

And today it's Christmas Eve already. Work has pretty hectic yesterday, covering for a co-worker who took the week off, plus trying to get a bunch of stuff done before being off for two days. It is nice having the 24th and 25th off. A three day work week definitely can't be complained about. I do have a feeling Thursday and Friday will be a bit nuts again but we shall see. Maybe it will be quiet. One can hope right? 

Anyway today I finally wrapped all of the gifts. Just waiting for one more gift card that is coming in the mail later and then I am done. Also finally finished unpacking all the suitcases/luggage from our Europe trip. Yeah I know, we have been back for a bit now but somehow I just didn't get around to it yet. So finally took care of that today. In a little while we'll go see "Bombshell" at the theater. Also going to brave Stew Leonard's to pick up some shrimp cocktail and veggies/dip for tomorrow. And then dinner at Outback. 

No huge plans for tomorrow either. We will open gifts with my sis-in law and my niece and nephew around 10. Then we are going to see "Little Women" later. And will just relax the rest of the day, eat and catch up on some TV. 

Letter/Mail Update: I received a letter from/owe a reply to: Nina/WA.

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