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Monday, September 14, 2020

Random musings

Bellewether CanadaAnd here we are, into the middle of September already. Just a few days away from the official start of fall. it's definitely starting to feel like autumn/fall. I do like this season. I just don't like the foreboding feeling of what comes after it. The cold, ice, snow and dreariness of winter. But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet I suppose. 

Last week went fine. I did end up working Thursday and Friday because Mike had a work conflict. So we pushed our two nights away to this week instead. Not the end of the world and gives me something to look forward to this week at least. :) 

The weekend was pretty low key, didn't do too much. On Saturday we had lunch in Westport at Rizzuto's and after headed to Centrico and met up with John and Jana, followed by a bunch of Schitt's Creek binging on Netflix. Sunday we also slept in and then headed to the Marketplace in Danbury. We thought they were rolling out their new brunch menu but apparently that didn't start just yet. Oh well. Still had a nice lunch and 1/2 price wine on Sundays so no complaints. Eventually got our grocery shopping done and then more Schitt's Creek binging. We're about halfway into season 5 now. Season 6 isn't on Netflix yet - hopefully soon. 

Anyway, that's about all the news at the moment. Having a low key night tonight. Going to make a sauteed chicken dish with squash. And then will continue reading "Belleweather" by Susanna Kersley. I also really should write some letters. I am so so behind with my letters. Just haven't been in the mood at all.  I think because normally I would be writing in my letters about my travels, shows we have seen, concerts or museums we have gone to. And now there really isn't anything like that to write about. I feel like I am constantly just hanging in limbo. I mean I shouldn't complain. We have been making the best of it, having some nice lunches and times at vineyards etc. But there just isn't much else to do. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Nina/WA, Lotte/Denmark, Celia/MA and Kimber/Canada. 

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