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Monday, October 12, 2020

Dreary Monday Musings

IMG_20201010_142006_741Dreary, rainy, chilly fall day today. It's been raining on and off all day. Shouldn't complain too much as we still need rain quite a bit with drought conditions here in CT. We really haven't had very much rain. But yeah, just not very motivating on a Monday but oh well. My work day is almost over so that's good anyway. Been able to log out earlier with working from home as I am able to log in earlier without having to worry about the commute to the office. 

Anyway, really not a whole lot new. Last week was relatively non eventful. On Saturday we went to Sherwood Island park and walked the trails through the woods and along the beach. Last time we were there it was the height of summer with people picnicking and spending their days on the beach. This time it was more low key. There were still people there but mainly people going for walks, walking their dogs, jogging etc. The weather was nice and sunny, a bit windy but pretty warm so it was great weather for a walk. Logged close to 4 miles and afterwards went to lunch at Rizzuto's. Later also stopped at Centrico for a minute and when it got too cold to sit outside there we went to Two Steps where we ran into our friend Jack who we hadn't seen in a really long time so that was a fun surprise. 

Sunday we slept in late and then headed to brunch at the Marketplace. Had the most delicious brunch burger (sunny side up egg, Applewood smoked bacon, arugula, avocado, siracha aioli on a brioche bun) So freaking delicious. Terrible for my attempts to eat healthy-ish I am sure but I got a side salad instead of the fries to make myself feel slightly better. lol. I know that hardly makes that huge of a difference but hey every bit helps I guess. 

After brunch we went grocery shopping and then made our way home. Watched the SNL from Saturday we had recorded and then binged the rest of Schitt's Creek. Didn't get to bed till almost 1am and really sad that we are all done with Schitt's Creek now. That show definitely grew on me, such great characters. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to:  Carmen/Malta, Nina/WA, Lotte/Denmark and Kimber/Canada. 

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