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Monday, February 15, 2021

Valentine's Day

IMG_20210214_183805_881Happy Valentine's everyone. :) I hope everyone had a nice one even if you aren't currently in a relationship. To me Valentine's Day is simply an excuse to eat delicious food and especially chocolate. :) I mean who doesn't want an excuse to eat chocolate, right? :) We had a good day, didn't do anything crazy but it was a fun low key day. 

Saturday we slept in and then went to Rizzuto's in Westport again. Was kind of funny being there again after just having been there on Wednesday night too. Saturday night I spent with Jana at their home. She made a yummy chicken curry dish and we hung out and watched a rom com/chick flick type movie. Eventually John and Mike (who had hung out together at Two Steps) came back and we hung out together as the four of us for a bit before going home. 

Sunday we went to Rosy's and hung out there for a bit (I had stuffed my face with a heart shaped pepperoni garlic pizza from Notch 8 for a late breakfast) before going to Chuck's for dinner. Such delicious food. I had one of their Valentine's specials, a sliced filet steak with a mushroom red wine sauce, fingerling potatoes and asparagus. So so good. Mike ordered lobster tails and we ended up getting a hot fudge sundae for dessert. Definitely a great dinner. When we got home we caught up on some of our recorded TV and well here we are and it's Monday again. 

In a bit I am going to make dinner, a southern chicken with buttermilk mashed potatoes and green beans. And then I will watch the first episode of "Men in Kilts" and after that I will most likely just settle in for the night and read some more of Michele Obama's book "Becoming". 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Kimber/Canada, Tiffany/OK and Eunice/Malta.

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