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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Valentine's, Mike's birthday and other random stuff

FB_IMG_1618129571371Already 3/4 through February. The year is definitely flying by already. Only about one more week of February left before we turn to March. I am not really a huge fan of March, it's too blah and muddy, but it does signal that we are closer to spring so there's that. We have some warmer days ahead and then it turns freezing again mid week and there's also accumulating snow in the forecast for later in the week right now. That's been the story with the weather lately. It is freezing, then gets warmer (and usually rains), then goes back to freezing. Crazy. 

Really not all that much new since my last post. We watched "Death on the Nile" last Sunday which was fine but not all that awesome either. Had a nice brunch at Lucas Local after and watched the Super Bowl at home. 

Busy week at work. On Tuesday we had a work happy hour at a local pizza place (Stanziato's) It was a great turn out and was a lot of fun to see a lot of people I haven't seen in person in a while (our company is still very "you do you" when it comes to working in the office) Oh and Monday was Valentine's Day. We are not huge Valentine's Day people but it's a fun excuse to have some special food and chocolate. :) Had a yum Mexican dinner at Avocado in Bethel. 

And Friday was Mike's birthday. Didn't have a huge celebration but had a nice dinner at Edison. The weekend was pretty low key which was fine. Yesterday, Saturday, we had lunch at Rizzuto's and then hung out at Rosy's for a while. Today we slept in late and then had brunch at the Marketplace in Brookfield. Going to catch up on some recorded TV later. 

And tomorrow is already Monday again and a whole nother week starts. Tomorrow is President's Day and not a day I get off (oh well) so will be just another regular Monday. But at least the weekend was nice and relaxing. Oh and yesterday I also had a facial in the morning which was very nice. Good times. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA and Nina/WA. 

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