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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Austria Musings

IMG_20220408_201724_842Hello from Austria. :) I have already been here since Thursday and today is Sunday, time is definitely already flying IMG_20220408_201433_214 but isn't that always the way?

It was hectic getting ready to leave but again that's also nothing super new. Worked 1/2 a day on Wednesday and then had my flight out of JFK a bit after 5pm on Wednesday. Flew with AerLingus via Dublin this time and all in all everything went smoothly and with no issues so no complaints really. Arrived in Vienna Thursday morning around 10am, caught the train to St. Poelten where my aunt met me at the train station and we were at my mom's house before noon. 

Had Friday through today, Sunday, off and had some relaxed days for the most part. Friday I had my hair appointment and spent a good amount of time at the hairdresser's. On Saturday the weather turned quite a bit cooler and more unstable with rain and wind. Still went for some walks with my mom and we also watched a sappy movie in the afternoon and ordered pizza and Italian food for delivery. And really more of the same today. Went for some walks, stopped in at a close family friend's house for a chat, ate, watched a movie etc. Also managed to catch up a little with work today so hopefully tomorrow won't be quite as crazy but I guess we'll see about that. Mondays always tend to be nuts no matter what. 

But yeah, last few days have been mostly low key which has been fine. Next week I will work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. On Wednesday we have an appointment at the bank in the morning and I think we are also invited over to our neighbor's place for lunch/dinner. No real plans for Friday yet. Next weekend on Saturday I am meeting up with 2 friends in Vienna and nothing set in stone for Sunday (which is Easter Sunday) yet. 

The weather is supposed to get better and warmer over the next few days so we'll see if that turns out to be true. So far it's been very April weather since I have been here switching between nice and sunny, cold, rainy and windy in a matter of minutes over and over. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA, Eunice/Malta and Nina/WA. 

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