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Monday, June 06, 2022

Memorial Day Weekend, Mindy and other stuff

IMG_20220528_181531_176So behind on life and my posting. I always tell myself I will do better and keep up with my posting and updating but then it doesn't happen of IMG_20220530_111642_079 course. 

Let's see what's new? Struggling a bit with our cat Mindy. Back towards the end of March she was not feeling well and we had brought her to the vet and they had diagnosed her with severe anemia. There really isn't anything that can be done for that and the underlying cause can be a lot of things, none of them pleasant or fixable. At the time they gave her a steroid shot in hopes of making her feel better and it actually worked very well for about 6 weeks. But about a week and a half ago she started to act weird again, wasn't eating right and so on. So we brought her back to the vet and they gave her another steroid shot. This one didn't really kick in quite as well as the last one and I was getting pretty worried. She has made some improvements since then and at least seems comfortable/not in pain and is eating some/drinking water. She has definitely lost quite a bit of weight and unfortunately it's probably just a waiting game but for now she seems comfortable so we are keeping an eye on her and hoping we get to keep her around for a while longer. 

In more upbeat news we did have a nice weekend away over Memorial Day weekend. I was quite worried going away with Mindy being sick but luckily she was fine throughout the weekend. 

We left Saturday morning and had a lunch reservation at 12.30pm at Dano's Heuriger on Seneca Lake. Delicious food as always. The drive up was pretty rainy on + off but as we got there the rain stopped and during lunch the clouds started to clear. So once we were done at Dano's we headed to Boundary Breaks and hung out there for a while. Weather was nice enough to be able to sit outside and since they have a pretty outdoors area facing the lake it was a great afternoon. From there we headed to our hotel (Holiday Inn) in Auburn and had a snack and a few more drinks at the hotel bar before calling it a night. 

Sunday we stopped at Starbucks and then made our way over to Keuka Lake. Our first stop was Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery where they had some great wines (including Gruener Veltliner). Sat outside for a while as we enjoyed a wine flight. After that we headed to lunch at the Waterfront restaurant. Such a pretty spot and great food as well. Enjoyed our lakeside lunch. And after lunch we checked out a few more wineries. First one was Bully Hill Vineyard which had decent wine but just felt too commercial. But our second stop was Keuka Lake Vineyards and their tasting room was in an old refurbished barn and had a really cool vibe to it. Definitely a cool find. After that we headed back towards Auburn and had dinner at Chilli's. We are not usually big into chains but there really wasn't anything else of interest. 

Then Monday we checked out from the hotel and had breakfast at a diner in Auburn. And from there headed to Anyela's Vineyard at Skaneateles Lake where we hung out for a while. We had been there before and definitely a really pretty place. Enjoyed our wine and really didn't want to leave but of course all good things do have to come to an end. 

And well since then a whole other week has gone by and of course work has been super busy. This past weekend was pretty relaxed. Saturday we went for a nice walk at Sherwood Island State Park by the beach and then had lunch at Rizzuto's. And on Sunday we went to see the new Top Gun movie and then had brunch at Lucas Local. And later I met up with my friend Jana and we went to see the Downton Abbey movie. Both movies were great but of course very different. :)  

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Nina/WA and Kimber/Halifax. 

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