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Friday, October 31, 2003




We are back from our England vacation. Went straight back to work on Tuesday morning and are slowly recovering from jetlag now.

This week has seemed really long so far. I am working late tonight so I probably won't get home until 7:30 or so.

We usually get the kids walking from door to door collecting candy from everybody. "Trick or Treat". :)
I hope there are still some kids left by the time I get home. Some years are slower and some years are busier. Depends on how many kids live in the neighborhood I guess.

I am working tomorrow, Saturday, as well so I am really looking forward to Sunday to just be lazy and relax at home.
We are probably taking out Mike's niece Shannon for her birthday on Sunday as well.
Guess that's about all that's new here with me. I will try and make some webpages about our Niagara Falls and England trips soon. :)

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

TcupaniFinally got a minute to update my journal. Been really busy on our vacation here in England.
Sunday: Went to London and did all the touristy stuff like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben
, Tower Bridge

and Westminster Abbey.

Monday: Went to Leeds and Hever Castle in Kent. Both very nice and definitely worth a visit.

Tuesday: Went to Stonehenge. Definitely a cool place. Makes you wonder why they built it and what the whole reason behind it is.

Wednesday-Thursday: Went to Cornwall and stayed in St. Ives overnight. I *love* Cornwall. It's so pretty. Lots of seaside, cliffs and rugged coast along with countryside, cottages and farms with sheep and cows.
On our way home we stopped in Devon and visited Dartmoor National Park. We climbed a mountain and had a cool view from up there.

Friday: My birthday. :) Went to the Isle of Wight. A very nice island with lots of seaside towns, cliffs, coast line, countryside and small towns with thatched cottages.
For dinner we went to a nice restaurant near our hotel. Got lots of nice gifts as well. Mike got me an Ipod type thing that holds over 500 CDs and can be used in the car or with any stereo system or computer. It will be cool to have all our CDs with us all the time.
Joanne got me some nice stationery and cute cat stuff. :)
Got the new Kuschelrock double CD from my parents.

Saturday: Went to Derby to visit another pen pal of mine. It's always fun to meet up with a pen pal and get to see them face to face.

Sunday: We took it easy today and went to Winchester. Walked around for a bit and had lunch there as well. Went back to Joanne's house again after that and are hanging out here now.

Tomorrow we are already going back home again. Had a great time here visiting with my friend Joanne. England has been lots of fun. I love all the tea shops and tea rooms. And of course the thatched cottages, the seaside and all the other stuff.
I will post the pictures and make a webpage about our trip when we get home. :)

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Sorry it took me so long to post again but I have been so busy. :)

Joanne and I had a great time during her visit. I will make a webpage with all the photos from her visit as soon as I have a free minute again.
We went to see the Bacon Brothers
concert in Plymouth, Massachusetts
- Had a fun shopping day at the mall and met up with my friend Sharon for dinner and the movies
- Spent last weekend at Niagara Falls (the falls are truly amazing - I love waterfalls !)
and so much more.

Joanne left last night and we are now busy preparing for our own trip to England this coming Friday. (17th). Time sure flies. Busy, busy month.
I can't wait to go to England ... have been wanting to go for the longest time. :)

Sorry for the short update. I promise I will make a great webpage with all the details when we get back from England. :)

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Friday, October 03, 2003


My friend Joanne is coming from England today ... YAY. :)
I am at work right now but I am looking forward to picking her up from the airport later today. She will be staying until Oct. 13th. We have lots of fun stuff planned.

Saturday: I will be at work and Joanne will keep me company.
Sunday: Going to a concert in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Monday: Doing a lazy shopping day at the mall. Will meet my friend Sharon and have dinner and see a movie with her.
Tuesday - Thursday: Joanne's in Boston

Friday: Joanne's spending the day in NYC and we are meeting her down there to have dinner after work.
Saturday - Sunday: Going to Niagara Falls to do some sightseeing
Monday: Joanne's leaving. :(

The Friday after that (Oct. 17) we are already going to England. So October will definitely be a busy month. :)

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