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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

We're back :)

Hanna at the beach in CA
Here's a picture that was taken at the beach in CA. We took up a ride to the Guadalupe Dunes one day which is a really neat place. It was super hot that day so it was nice to be by the beach and feel the breeze. :)

Here's a little overview of what we did while we were in CA.

Thursday: Spent some time at my old host family's house (from when I used to live in CA in 98-99) and did some shopping in Santa Barbara afterwards. Also had lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants Acapulco's.
In the afternoon we drove down to L.A. to go to a baseball game at Dodgers Stadium. The NY Mets were playing the L.A. Dodgers and the Mets who tend to lose a lot actually won which was cool.

Friday: Had lunch with my two EF teachers Linda and Allie Kay at State & A. It's always fun to see them again and share memories about EF. Had my obligatory Chicken Strips with Ranch Dressing which were absolutely yummy as always (I used to get those all the time while living in Santa Barbara and love the nostalgic value that comes with them now)
After our little visit Mike and I walked along State Street browsing in different shops, looking at books at Borders, walking out to the pier and writing postcards in a cafe.
For dinner we went to my favorite Italian restaurant in SB - Pascucci's.

Saturday: Took a ride to the Santa Ynez Valley and walked around Los Olivos. OMG, it was so hot, it was easily around 90 °F or even hotter. Also decided to check out the location of the Neverland Ranch with all the media circus going on around Michael Jackson. We found it pretty easily and saw a bunch of his fans camped outside the gate. They also had a firetruck parked right there since the ranch is in the middle of a super dry area with a high fire danger and the fans were holding candlelight vigils. It's only a matter of time till somebody lights something on fire. Let me tell you I wouldn't want to have my house there, being rich or not. It's just too desert-y and hot for me. I'd rather have a mansion by the by ocean any day. :)
Afterwards we went on to the Guadalupe Dunes Preserve which was a really nice sight. The town of Guadalupe itself isn't much to write home about but the dunes were really pretty. :)
Had dinner at the Brown Pelican Restaurant which was yummy and romantic as always. Also saw some dolphins while we were eating which was really cool - dolphins are such pretty creatures.

Sunday: Walked around Santa Barbara some more and had lunch at the Santa Barbara Brewing Company. Went to my host family's house in the afternoon for a BBQ. Linda's parents from New Jersey, Gary's parents from Filmore, my host-brothers Eamon and Garett and host-sister Arley were all there. The food was absolutely delicious as always.
After the BBQ we decided to stroll some more around Santa Barbara and then went to dinner at Left at Albuquerque's, another Mexican favorite.

Monday it was time to fly home again which always makes me sad. I love being out in CA and being back with my host family and friends. Some day when we hit the lottery we will move out there. :)

Today it was back to work which of course wasn't nearly as much fun as being on vacation. Oh well. :)

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Sounds fantastic Hanna, great to know that you guys had a good time!

Posted by: Karey | May 25, 2004 7:08:34 AM

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