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Saturday, July 10, 2004

State Funeral

Today was the day of Klestil's funeral. It showed how well respected he was throughout the world since his funeral turned out to be the biggest meeting of national leaders in Austria since 1945. Altogether 26 head of states and 35 delegates attended. Among many leaders and royals Arnold Schwarzenegger represented the US and Vladimir Putin came from Russia.

"Widow of Austrian President Thomas Klestil, Margot Klestil-Loeffler, right, watches the arrival of the coffin of her husband at Vienna's St. Stephan's Cathedral, on Saturday, July 10, 2004. Klestil died late Tuesday after multiple organ failure at the age of 71."

"California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger pays his last respects in front of the flag-draped coffin of former Austrian President Thomas Klestil during a memorial service for Klestil at Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral on July 10."

"Mourners attend the funeral ceremony of Austrian president Thomas Klestil at the Vienna's central cemetery, July 10, 2004. Austrian-born film star-turned- politician Arnold Schwarzenegger joined a big gathering of heads of state on Saturday at the funeral of Austrian president Thomas Klestil, who died this week two days before completing his term."

"Widow of late Austrian president Thomas Klestil Margot Klestil-Loeffler cries as she stands in front of the presidential grave during the funeral at Vienna's Central Cemetery July 10, 2004. Klestil died aged 71 of complications following heart failure on July 6, 2004."


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