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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Entertainment Center + Pre-Anniversary Celebration

While I was at work yesterday Mike started to put the rest of our entertainment center together. After I got home we finished it (well I shouldn't say we - I assisted by handing him the screwdriver, screws or other items *g*) and here's the end result. Doesn't it look nice ? I am very happy with the way it looks. Now we just need to find some things to put in it which I am sure won't be a problem. :)

Tomorrow is our 2nd anniversary. I am probably one of the few people with two different anniversaries. :) Our first and official wedding was in Austria on Feb. 10, 2001. Our second and bigger celebration (bridesmaids, big white dress, reception, dancing, cake, ...) took place in the US on July 12, 2002. July 12 is also the day that Mike originally proposed to me in 2000. So that's how it all comes together. :)

So tomorrow is our 2nd anniversary counting from the July date. Even though February is our real wedding date the July date will always be special to me as well.
To celebrate we are going to see the movie "Before Sunset". I have been wanting to see this movie ever since I heard that it was coming out. It's the sequel to the movie "Before Sunrise" which came out 9 years ago. It was the story of the American college student Jesse (Ethan Hawke) traveling across Europe on an euro-rail pass meeting the French grad student Celine (Julie Delpy) on a Budapest-Vienna train. He convinces her to get off the train in Vienna with him and they spend the night together before parting ways in the morning. The movie had a lot of great dialogue and always ranked among one of my all-time favorites. Of course I also loved the fact that it was set in Vienna. :)
The sequel "Before Sunset" is set 9 years after they originally met on the train on their way to Vienna. This time they meet up in Paris. I am really excited to see it and I know that it's really not the kind of movie Mike usually likes to watch so I am very happy that he agreed to go and see it with me. Thank you Mike. :)

After the movie we are going to dinner at "Legal Seafoods" in White Plains, NY. The movie is not being played anywhere around here so we'll have to go there instead. I'm sure it will be a very yummy dinner.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Tomorrow it's already back to work again. I am sure it will be a busy week.

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I saw "Before Sunset" last Friday and I liked it a lot. It was so real... like someone was actually filming the whole conversation between the two. It was very romantic... about a once in a lifetime moment, that changes your life forever if you go through the open door... I just have to mention again, that I really liked that movie. It wasn`t just another one of those flat romantic hollywood comedies; there was depth in it and stuff to think about.

Posted by: Lena | Jul 26, 2004 10:56:04 AM

hello how are you, this entertainment that you see post, where did you get it from i would love to have that, i have that same tv 60" but i can not find a center for it thats not too expencesive, please tell me where to get it from

Posted by: Gemini | Jun 7, 2007 8:12:57 AM

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