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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Movies + Baseball

Well I finally made it through the week after working 10 hour days Monday through Friday and having to go in at 7:30 on Saturday. I was very glad when it was finally time to go home on Saturday around 2:30 pm. What a week. :)

After being lazy for a while on Saturday afternoon we decided to watch a movie we had rented on Netflix. I love their rental service, means we always have a movie or two on hand to watch. So we watched "Intolerable Cruelty" starring George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Was a good movie.
Afterwards we decided to watch another movie "Something's Gotta Give" starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. It was good too, a little longer than it needed to be but still good.

Today we went to see a Mets game and were really lucky with the weather. It was drizzling the whole time throughout the game but didn't start to really pour until the game was over around 4:15 pm or so.
Afterwards we went to eat at our favorite pizza place Arturo's in the Village.

Now that we are home we will watch another movie called "Hope Springs". We'll see how it is. :)
And tomorrow it's Monday already again. Oh well.

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Can you believe that Arturo's got a mention in a magazine that comes with a sunday tabloid newspaper here?! It was all about a website called gawker.com or something about life in NYC and celeb spotting etc...and an example they gave was Lucy Liu being spotted in Arturo's! I've been there! i said obviously within earshot of others - and then had to explain what i was talking about.

mmm...piizzzzzzzaaaaaa :)

Posted by: jo | Jul 20, 2004 2:49:04 PM

GAHHHH you saw Keanu Reeves was he as yummy as ever? LOL

Posted by: Kristina | Jul 22, 2004 12:03:55 AM

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