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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Online Karaoke, Bush Jokes and Immigration News

karaoke By the ways of grrrlmeetsworld here's a link to some online karaoke. I thought that was a neat idea, now I just need to learn how to sing. *g* I doubt anybody would want to hear me sing along to those songs. ;)

I also came across this funny video clip about Bush and Kerry's election campaign. It's a parody of "This Land is Your Land" and absolutely hysterical. Go and watch it now. :)

paperwork It's been another busy week but tomorrow is Friday - finally. I will be off on Saturday, Sunday and Monday bearing any disasters that might happen. For now I am looking forward to my 3-day weekend. I need to catch up on my mail and mainly just relax.

We also need to gather some photos and other "evidence" that our marriage was "entered in good faith" as I received a letter in the mail today from the immigration office that we will be called for an interview at some point. Believe it or not we are still working on removing the conditions from my green card so I can become a permanent US resident once and for all. So some time soon we will get another letter in the mail stating a time and date for our interview. We are supposed to bring any evidence (joint bank accounts, insurance policies, joint bills, income tax returns, affidavits from friends, photos, ...) that shows that our marriage was entered in good faith and is real. Even though we have nothing to hide I am really not looking forward to this interview. Oh well. :)

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