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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Some more photos

Oak Alley - Hanna Here I am again, this time with some promised pictures. I am feeling a lot better, now only battling an annoying cough and a leftover sinus infection. I am back to eating regular food as well which is a welcome change. It's back to the same old at work. I am yet again a person short and have to go back in the hiring game. French Quarter Building

So I have been busy covering multiple desks while trying to figure out how to best manage my current employee situation. My boss is also currently out for about two weeks as his wife just had a baby daughter this past Friday. I am trying not to stress myself out too much over all this as I am sure it will all work itself out for the best sooner or later. Change can be a good thing and maybe a fresh breeze is what my department needs right now. :)

I only posted two New Orleans pictures for you this time - one is from the Oak Alley Plantation and the other one is from a building in the French Quarter. I do have lots more pictures and promise to post a link as soon as I upload them all - maybe tomorrow. :) Just been too busy with everything at work, plus recovering from the stomach bug I had.

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Hey, nice to see you!! I would LOVE to tour a plantation. So glad you're feeling better and are eating like a human again. That always helps. : )

Posted by: Leslie | Jan 19, 2005 11:00:42 AM

Isn't New Orleans a fabulous place? Glad you enjoyed your visit. Hope you are feeling better. Can't wait to get together and enjoy some Italian food!

Posted by: Sharon | Jan 19, 2005 4:43:50 PM

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