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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mousehunting, Grouchy Maintenance Men and more

It's my day off today which all in all seems pretty nice. So far the day hasn't really been all that great though. We got woken up by a 2 am phone call because one of my employees didn't complete the day-end paperwork correctly and there were some things that needed to be re-printed in order for the trucks to go out. So Mike had to go in (luckily we only live about 15 min from work) and fix it.

Couldn't sleep in either because we had two different maintenance people scheduled to come today. The furnace guy (they need to do a furnace cleaning every fall before the heating season starts) and the water meter guy (we got a notice a while back that the city needed to replace our water meter) were both scheduled to show up between 8-12.

The water meter guy showed up around 9:30 or so. He was fairly easy to deal with and quick. The furnace guy didn't show up until about noon. I always hate having to wait for these people because I feel like I can't really start anything or do anything in case they show up and I don't hear their knocking.

So the furnace guy showed up around noon and was in a really grouchy mood. He complained about the kitty litter downstairs even though I just cleaned it last night so it really wasn't smelling bad at all. Plus it's in the basement -- which basement smells all that great ? He stayed for almost 1 1/2 hours banging around downstairs, just being grouchy in general.

The weather is really miserable as well. It's pouring outside and looks really dreary. What a day ! Soon after the furnace guy left my cat Oliver walked into the room with a mouse in his mouth. God, why does he have to do this stuff ? So I yelled at him, unsure of what to do if he dropped the mouse and it started running all over the place. Luckily he dropped it near the bathroom door and it ran underneath the door inside the bathroom. So I was able to walk into the bathroom and catch it. Poor little frightened thing. I brought it to the front door and released it outside. I don't think it was very happy being out in the pouring rain ... but I guess anything is better than being almost eaten by a cat.

Well, that's all my adventures for today. Should be writing letters this afternoon as I received 6 letters in the mail yesterday. Well, maybe I'll make some more tea, play some more Sims and then write some letters. :)

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Yeah, what's up with the grouchy furnace guy complaining about the litterbox? I wonder where he thinks you're supposed to keep it.

Thank God you didn't have to run all over the house trying to beat Oliver to the mouse. We've done that before a couple times (well, not with Oliver, obviously) ; )

Posted by: Leslie | Oct 13, 2005 10:48:00 AM

awww...ollie just wanted to bring his mummy a present...lol. how would he know you didn't want a mouse?!!

Posted by: jo | Oct 14, 2005 12:45:23 PM

Our old cat brought a vole into our den one evening. She just wanted to play with it. Don rescued the foolish thing, and I hope it never happens again. I don't particularly like mice and voles, but I don't like thinking of my cat doing them in.

Have a nice day today.

Posted by: cassie-b | Oct 17, 2005 5:04:35 PM

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