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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween

SnoopyHappy Halloween :) Look at me updating on a Sunday. Figured I would try and get ahead of the game. No big Halloween plans for us. Just having lunch at Rizzuto's and going to stop at the store later to get some grocery shopping done and watch some TV. We caught up on all of our recorded TV yesterday. Anybody watching "Ordinary Joe" on NBC? I am going back and forth on it and I think they are obviously trying to have "This is Us" vibes, I am guessing as this will be the last season for "This is Us" so they are looking to have something to replace it. The other new show we have been watching is "Ghosts" which I thought was really campy at first but now has kind of been growing on me. Oh and "La Brea". That one has serious Lost vibes going on. Going to start "Only Murders in the Building" tonight I think. 

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On my last post I wrote that we were coming back from our mini getaway Tuesday. In fact after I wrote my post, we packed up and checked out of our room. But when we got outside we realized how crazy the weather actually was. It was sideways blowing rain, windy, just crazy. And no end in sight either. Gale warnings, the ferries stopped etc. So we decided it just wasn't a good idea to drive back 3 hours in that weather so we ended up booking another night. Hung out on Tuesday at Bedell and then had lunch at Greenport Brewery. Hung out there for a while as the rain was blowing around outside. Then made another stop at Lenz, had some cheese, crackers and prosciutto as a snack before heading back to the hotel. 

Wednesday morning we got up at 5.30am and left the hotel just a bit after 6am as I did have to work. Rush hour traffic was of course a pain and I didn't get to the office till about 9.30am but at least we didn't have to drive in the crazy rain. 

The rest of the week was busy but uneventful otherwise. Yesterday, Saturday, we went to brunch at J. Lawrence. It was their last day yesterday which was bittersweet. We have really enjoyed going there these past few years and have become regulars. The people who bought the restaurant are supposed to open in about 4-5 weeks and are going to keep most of the staff on so hopefully it will be an ok transition. Wishing the family very well of course and would be fun if we get to see them at the new place but on the other side of the bar. :) 

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Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Carmen/Malta. 

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