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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

North Fork Birthday Getaway

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Here we are Tuesday morning. And the last day of our mini getaway/vacation. Still have today off at least so we will make the most of it even though there is heavy rain in the forecast today so the drive home won't be very pleasant but what can you do? At least we had pretty nice weather on Sunday and Monday so that's something, right? 

Last week was another busy week at work but honestly when is it not these days? Saturday we went for a nice walk around Tarrywile Park in Danbury in the morning to get some fresh air even though it was a bit drizzly but sill nice to get some exercise and be outside. Also stopped at Rite Aid for our flu shots and then headed to Westport to Rizzuto's for lunch. Said goodbye to our friend Andy who works there and is moving out to Victoria in Canada this week. Of course very happy for her and wishing her all the best but will be kind of sad not to see her on a regular basis. 

Sunday was my birthday and we started with a delicious diner breakfast at Elmer's. Yum! From there we made our way out to the North Fork of Long Island. Our first stop was Kontokosta. Got there around 12.30pm and hung out outside on their lawn for a while. Then stopped at Coffeepot which is always a highlight. Always fun to see Laura who runs the place along with her husband. She always has so many interesting stories and it's always great to see her pug Beasley. He is getting pretty old now and has some issues walking so Laura bought him a laundry cart so he can still hang out in the tasting room and be greeted by everyone who comes in but doesn't have to struggle with walking. 

Yesterday, Monday, we went to Starbucks and hung out there for a while before continuing on to Paumanok. The weather was pretty cooperative especially in the morning with almost being 70 already at 11am. Hung out for a while with some wine and a delicious fresh baguette with some olive oil. From there we continued on to a little nature trail where we were able to get a little bit of exercise in and some more fresh air. Then stopped at Osprey and One Woman. We have been coming to Osprey for a while now and One Woman has become one of my favorites as well as they have Gruener Veltliner which is an Austrian grape and always exciting to me to try it when I see it somewhere here. Ended at Coffeepot which as always was fun and interesting. Laura had some people there from local wineries who were celebrating a birthday so we somehow ended up getting wrapped up in that celebration, even eating birth day cake and all. It's honestly part of why I always enjoy stopping there because you just never know what the visit will bring. Always interesting people to talk to and a fun time. 

Today we are going to pick up a couple of bottles of wine to bring home and maybe stop at one more, maybe Bedell as they have a covered deck from what I recall so that may work out considering the weather. And then we will need to make our way back to CT which will probably be a longer ride considering the weather conditions. And well tomorrow it will be back to work and normal every day stuff but I will try and not think about that just yet. At least it will be a shorter work week which is also nice. 

 Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Carmen/Malta. 

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