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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

New Haven Pizza Lover's Tour

1634640042870Alright already Tuesday morning. And brrr it's chilly this morning. 41F right now (5c). Going to be around 63 today I think (17c) I guess it's typical fall weather where it can get pretty nice during the day especially if you are outside in the sun. But mornings and evenings can be downright chilly. I guess it is what it is obviously. I do like fall/autumn. But I always say it's bittersweet because it is just the beginning of what is to come, which of course is winter. I hate cold, ice and snow and I also especially hate when it's cold and dark in the morning when I get up. I have a much easier time getting up and getting ready for the day/work if it's light outside and nice and warm. The dark doesn't bother me so much at night although in the dead of winter it can be kind of depressing when it's dark before 5pm. But no use complaining about it, of course not going to change it. I guess I pretty much go through this cycle every year though. 

Anyway, had a nice weekend. Saturday we didn't do too much. Slept in a bit and then headed to Westport for lunch at Rizzuto's. Our friend John also met up with us there. Our friend Andy who works there is going to be moving to Canada soon and of course we wish her all the best on this next adventure. But it's going to be kind of sad to not see her every week or every other week. She used to work at the location in Bethel and also at another place close by Rosy's so we have known her for quite some time. But will be fun to see what she does next. Always good when people have the opportunity to branch out and spread their wings and try something new. 

On Sunday we went to New Haven for the Pizza Lover's Tour. I had gotten this for Mike as a Christmas gift some time ago I think and we finally managed to book it. I have to say it was quite the epic day, started at noon and ended a little after 6pm. Lots of eating, drinking and walking. Definitely a long day. They took us to four different pizza places (Pepe's, Modern, Next Door and Sally's) At each place they had three different types of pizza (a tomato, a mozzarella and a specialty pie) There was also plenty of beer and lots of walking in between. I think all in all we walked a little over 4 miles (6.5 km) Lots of history about the city, the origins of the different pizza places, the Yale university campus and more. We had about 17 people in our group and everyone was pretty fun so it was a neat while kind of exhausting day. I definitely enjoyed trying all the different pizzas. New Haven is kind of famous for their pizza so it was fun actually trying some of these places for myself, without needing to stand in line. Modern was my favorite. Their tomato pie was actually amazing. Kind of crazy since it doesn't have the cheese but the sauce was so flavorful and delicious. Their cheese was really good too though. 

And well yesterday was Monday. Nothing special to report on that. Just trying to get through another week. :) My birthday is this upcoming Sunday (24th) so I took Monday and Tuesday off next week and we'll head to the North Fork for some relaxing and wine tasting. Should be fun. 

 Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Carmen/Malta. 

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