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Monday, October 11, 2021

Van Gogh Immersive Experience - NYC

TempFileForShare_20211011-204423And here we are again, Monday night, another start to another week. Had a nice weekend but of course it flew by. 

On Saturday we had a great in NYC. Our friends John & Jana picked us up around 9.15am and we headed down to NYC to see the Van Gogh exhibit there. We had bought tickets a while ago and I think originally were supposed to go in early August but then ended up having to re-schedule and exchanged the tickets for a date in October. I was really looking forward to it and it definitely did not disappoint. I am a big Van Gogh fan anyway but I have heard a lot of people say, even if you aren't into art at all, this is the exhibit for you, and I definitely agree. The first two rooms are more normal museum type rooms with some paintings and plaques on the history of Van Gogh and his life. But then the third room is a huge warehouse type space where his art is projected all across the walls and floor so it feels like you are being totally immersed. The art is animated as well so it really does feel like you are inside the paintings. It's hard to describe but I promise it was a very cool experience and I would definitely recommend it. 

After the exhibit we took the subway to Union Square to have brunch at Lillie's. Hung out for a while and eventually took a cab back to Vessy Street where we had parked. Got home around 7-7.30pm I think and just hung out at home watching some TV and relaxing. 

Sunday we slept in which was really nice and then had lunch at Rizzuto's in Westport. The weather was kind of iffy so it was a good excuse for a low key day. Watched more TV in the evening (finally getting to the last season of Lucifer) and well here we are, now it's Monday. Had a busy day at work and tomorrow is looking busy as well. I am guessing one of these days things will start to slow down, just not quite sure when yet. 

 Mail Update: No letters at the moment - all caught up :)

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