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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Letter Marathon

A rather uneventful Sunday for the most part. Got up around 10:45, took a shower, called my parents, had some tea. Got some lunch. I had a yummy salad with tuna and caesar dressing. Surfed the web for a bit, tried to call my friend Joanne, then went on a letter-writing marathon. I decided that I really needed to catch up on my letters so I managed to write five. YAY. :)

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Replies are going out tomorrow to: Nicki/Australia, Lexi/Washington, Jessica/Delaware, Jo/UK (my new pal Jo) and Cheryl/Mauritius.

Had hot dogs (fat-free) for dinner. Gonna try and do better this week with my eating. Too much pizza lately. Yummy but not good for my figure. :) Going to watch some recorded show or maybe a movie in a bit. Have a new person starting tomorrow so let's see how that goes.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mail Day

Another day off which of course is nice. :) I pretty did what I always do - procrastinate. Got up around noon, took a shower, made myself some breakfast (a soft-boiled egg with toast and cheese) and then a cup of soup. It was a soup mix from Austria - Griessnockerlsoup - which is very yummy. Click on this link to see what I am talking about. :)

Went for a walk for a bit. The only drawback was that I didn't calculate the fact that the middle school up the road was letting out all the kids at the exact same time that I was doing my walk. So I ended up cutting it short but at least I still got to be outside for a little while.

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Received 5 letters today from Hayley/UK, Kristy/Georgia, Steff/Maine, Jessica/Delaware and a new pal called Jo in the north-east of England. I still have 8 more letters to do besides the 5 I received today. Since my last update I also received letters from Melanie/Ohio, Carmen/Malta and Angela/Virginia. A reply went out to Tiffany in Oklahoma. So to say the least I really need to get going on my letters. I am steeping some blueberry yogurth tea right now ... so will start writing letters in a minute. :)

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dinner + Movies

Work was about the same as always today. I hired someone to start on Monday so let's see how that goes. Besides that it was a fairly quiet day, almost kind of eerie.

Had a nice evening. My friend Sharon picked me up at 5 and we headed to the movies to see "Failure to launch" starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey. Was a cute movie. We haven't seen a chick flick in a while so it was nice to see one again.

Our theater has been completely redone since I last went. I almost didn't recognize it. They added a bunch of new theaters with stadium seating and are in the process of redoing the rest. The whole complex around the movie theater has been redone adding a Best Buy store and a Loewe's home improvement center.

After the movies we headed to Applebee's. I was content to try the Weight Watchers menu that they have and was happily surprised about the quality of the food. Had confetti chicken and chocolate raspberry layer cake for dessert. All for only 10 points - yum. :)

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Relaxed Sunday

Another weekend gone by. The days really do fly by. Saturday I was lucky enough to only have to go to work in the afternoon which was nice. After we got up we went to a tea store in Brookfield Simpsons & Vail. On Saturdays they have free tea tasting with little scones. We tried a tea called African Outback which was really yummy. I bought some of that and also some Russian Caravan.

Today went by rather quickly as well. Got up around 11 am, talked to my mom for a while, then made myself lunch and afterwards went out with my sis-in-law Kristina. We went to Shaw's (I love their organic and international food section) and Target.

When we got back I wrote some letters. So replies are going out tomorrow to: Eunice/Malta, Tiffani/Texas, Guilia/Italy and Caroline/Scotland. Since my last update I also received a letter from Barbara/Linz, Austria.

Tomorrow I have 4 interviews scheduled so let's see what happens. I hope that I find a good candidate soon so I can end my search and return back to normal. Of course that won't happen for a little while cause even when I do find the right candidite I'll still have to train them and so on. But we'll see, I am sure it will work out one way or another. It always does. :)

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Surprise Visit

Another day at work ... the only interesting part was that we got to take two hours off to meet up with Mike's cousin Jesse and his girlfriend Sharon. The last time we met Jesse was about 5 1/2 years ago. He was then going to college in Montana. Mike and I were on a cross-country trip and stopped in Montana for two days.

Jesse has since lived in Seattle and is now living and studying in Colorado. He's pretty close to getting his PHD which is cool. The field he works in is really neat, one of the things he does is working with stem cells to find a cure for AIDS. His girlfriend Sharon seemed very nice as well and I am glad that we got to meet up with them.  They have been on a whirlwind tour of the Northeast meeting up with Jesse's mom and his sister Carlye in Maine and then coming down to Connecticut to meet up with Mike and Jesse's aunt Judi and that side of the family. Now they are heading down to NYC to spend a few nights before traveling back to Colorado.

Work has been about the same. One girl gave her notice and will be leaving at the end of the month so I am back to interviewing and reading resumes. Wish me luck. :)

Letter Update: Received a letter from Caroline in Scotland yesterday and wrote my reply to Debbie in NJ last night.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


It's been a long day and I am soooo tired.

It all started at 2 am when we got woken up by a phone call from work. How fun. Mike had to go to work to fix some error and of course I couldn't get back to sleep either. So when the alarm went off in the morning I was cranky.

Work was busy and I had a check-up at the eye doctor at 3 pm so had to leave for that. The doctor I saw (Dr. Konrad) was really nice though. She gave me a new prescription so I'll have to get new glasses when I have a free minute. The only annoying part was that I had to get my eyes dilated which made my vision all blurry and gave me a headache. Argh.

Went out to dinner to Ciao's (a yummy Italian wine bar) and are now back home. No mail today but since the last update received letters from Eunice in Malta, Debbie in NJ and Tiffani in TX. I promise I'll respond once I am less tired. I need to get some sleep now.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Here I am again. :) My mood has slightly improved which is good I suppose.

Managed to write four letters which is really good. Replies are going out to Kristy (Georgia), Nina (Washington), Hayley (Liverpool) and Lotte (Denmark) tomorrow. :)

Had grilled cheese for dinner which wasn't very healthy but of course good comfort food. Gonna go and watch a movie now. "It happened one night" starring Clarke Gable. Every once in a while I enjoy watching older movies. The people are always so perfect, especially the women. I wonder what it would have been like back then.

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SPRING ... oh god how I want spring. The past two days were a tease in a way. Friday and Saturday we had the nicest weather, sunny, breezy, ... Friday the high was in the low 70'ies (20 C), a record high for Danbury for this time of the year. Of course I had to work both days which was depressing. :(

Today is Sunday and I am at home. And yes, it's RAINING. It's miserable outside and the temperature has dropped back down to about 48F (8C) and they are even forecasting snow for next week. Arghh ... I want spring. NOW !!!

Just been in a crappy mood today for some reason. Went grocery shopping (the store was PACKED, I guess we should know better than to try going to a store on a Sunday) and picked up some lunch at Burger King. Can't believe it's already 4:30 pm and I have been procrastinating all day. There are so many things I want to do but somehow I never get around to them.

Received letters from Karin (CH), Guilia (I), Kimber (Canada), Nicki (AU) since my last update so I am way behind on my mail again. Have about 10 letters to do now. I am gonna try and stop moaning in a minute and get at least some letters done.

I just truly need some sunshine on my day off. I want to be outside, take a walk and breathe fresh air. I am so done with winter !!

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yay for Ebay

I am excited because I just won some stickers on Ebay. :) I usually try to stay away from surfing around on Ebay because it's just way too addictive but sometimes I can't help it and have to indulge.

The stickers I got were super cheap. They are Snoopy & Woodstick stickers, 8 sheets for only $ 1.99. So YAY.

Received a letter from Hayley (Uk) today. It's really been a good "mail-week". Didn't write any letters tonight but will have to try and catch up some more tomorrow. Spent a bunch of time surfing Livejournal and looking at pretty colorbars. If you want to check out the ones I saved look at my userinfo at LJ. :)

Gonna watch some recorded shows now. I hate that it's 9 pm already. Why do the days always drag so much and the evenings fly by way too quickly ? Have to close tomorrow night again so won't be home till after 7. :(

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mail Day

Garfieldmail So I was good with my mail tonight, actually wrote 3 letters. Usually after work I am too tired or too lazy to write more than 1 or 2. I am surprised, especially after the day I had today. It all started at about 2 am when we got a phone call because something at work was screwed up and Mike had to go in to fix it. Of course never went back to sleep properly and been tired and head-achy ever since.

Went out to dinner after work though and I started to feel a bit better. Had yummy pizza, mozzarella and tomatoes and creme brulee for dessert. YUMMM.

After we got home I checked the mail and received one letter (from Kirsty). Mail's been treating me well these days, so far at least one letter each day this week. Then started to write letters and got 3 done. Replies are going out to Steff, Natz and Kirsty tomorrow. :)

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