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Sunday, April 09, 2006

And another weekend gone by

I can't believe the weekend is already over again. Where did it go ? I actually had two days off this weekend but somehow it just flew by. Grrr.

Got up kind of late on Saturday and mostly just surfed the web and talked to my friend Kirsty online throughout the afternoon. Then around 5:30 we left for NYC to go to the show. We saw the "Odd Couple" on Broadway which was really funny. I loved it ! Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderik are really great and did an excellent job. After the show we went to an Italian restaurant Osteria al Doge right near the theatre. I love going there as it brings back lots of memories of when Mike and I first met. :) Had blue crab bisque, lasagna and tiramisu. Super yummy !

Today we got up pretty late again as we didn't get to bed until about 1:30 am or so. Went to the grocery store to get a few things and to Subway to get lunch. Called my parents, my poor mom is sick with a fever (sending her well wishes). After lunch called my friend Joanne in the UK and talked to her for about an hour. Then decided to go for a walk since it was a really nice spring day today. I discovered a nice neighborhood near us that's great for walking so I was happy. Saw a bunch of squirrels, a cat and two dogs on my walk. :)

After my walk I wrote some letters. So letters are going out tomorrow to: Nadine/Tenerife, Lexi/DC and Natalia/Krakow. Since the last update a letter also went out to Lotte/Denmark. Also received a letter from Nova/Utah. 

Just got done with dinner now. Made spinach spaetzle with mushrooms sauteed in olive oil with Mrs. Dash tomato, basil, garlic seasoning and garlic knots on the side. Yummy. Probably gonna watch a movie in a bit. I wish weekends could last forvever.

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I'm envious of your trip to NY. I'd love to see Nathan Lane.

and you dinner sounded too good to be real.
Have a nice week.

Posted by: cassie-b | Apr 11, 2006 11:17:50 AM

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