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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring Decorations

It's my day off today and I had a pretty good day. The weather was really nice so I was able to keep most of the windows open all day. It's so nice to feel a fresh breeze of air in the house. Got up late, had lunch, talked to my friend Kirsty online for a bit and then decided to go for a walk.
It was really beautiful outside and I enjoyed my walk. I love that it's getting warmer outside. Now all we need is leaves on the trees. :)
After I came back from my walk I decided to bring out my spring decorations. I put a new bed set on the bed and changed the rest of my decorations around. It truly feels like spring in here now. YAY. :)
Made a nice healthy dinner. Shake n Bake chicken, steamed broccoli & cauliflower and Near East garlic flavored whole wheat rice. Super yummy :)
As per a request of my friend Kirsty I took some pictures of my new spring deco. So go ahead and take a peek. :)

Spring bedset

Spring bedset

Matching valance

Flower garland in the livingroom

Spring candles and candle holder


Spring flowers on the bookshelf

Welcome sign at the side door
Spring wreath at the front door

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Definitely looks like spring at your place -- how pretty! I especially like that garland - what a nice touch.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

Posted by: Leslie | Apr 14, 2006 11:12:56 AM

looks pretty...i might have to steal t oh.hat garland you have in your living room next time i come over :) oh....and you kitty cats too :)

Posted by: jo | Apr 16, 2006 6:14:02 AM

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