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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Austria Updates

IMG_20230427_184854_532And here we are, a whole week later already. I am not even sure how the time passes that fast but I guess it´s the way it always goes. IMG_20230428_224313_311

Sunday last week ended up working out ok weather wise. It was relatively sunny and dry for most of the day. Was able to go for a walk with my mom in the morning, we had lunch and in early afternoon I went into Vienna to meet up with Andrea. We were able to take a leisurely stroll followed by a visit to a cafe. Hung out for a while catching up and chatting. Eventually made my way back on the train. And the rain held out for the most part which was good. 

Monday to Wednesday I worked but also went for walks with my mom and to her speech therapy session. And Thursday and Friday I was off. Thursday I met up with my friend Lydia and we walked around the Schönbrunn Palace gardens before sitting down in a cafe. We were able to snag a table in the sun and the sunshine cooperated for most of the time we were there. Absolutely perfect spot to sit outside and chat. 

On Friday the weather stayed pretty nice in the morning followed by more clouds as the day went on. Had some nice weather in the morning when I met up with my friend Stefan for a catch up and some time at a local cafe. Weather even cooperated enough for us to sit outside. And later I met up with my friend Claudia Friday evening at 8pm for dinner in Vienna followed by a theater visit. Went to see the musical "Rebecca" which was a lot of fun. I haven´t been to the theater in Vienna in many many years, not since I still lived here in 2001. Really enjoyed Rebecca and the evening in general. Didn´t get home till about 12.30pm but oh well, definitely a great night. 

And today we went to a Heurigen (vineyard) with my mom and our neighbors Helga and Franz. Had a nice lunch and some good wine before returning home mid afternoon. Watched some TV and just relaxing now. 

And tomorrow I am off to Salzburg to meet some family. Looking forward to another fun day before returning to the work week on Monday. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Carmen/Malta. 

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