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Sunday, May 07, 2023

Goodbye Europe .. until we meet again

IMG_20230507_130138_049And somehow two and a half weeks flew by in a flash. I guess I cannot say I am super surprised. Always seems to happen. Tomorrow I am already on a IMG_20230430_193027_207 plane back to the US again. 

Let´s see what I can recap from the last week. A week ago today I took the train to Salzburg and met up with my friends Anneliese & Andi as well as my Salzburg family (Gerti, Kathrin and Florian) My train got in a bit after 11am and we headed to Gerti´s apartment where she also invited Anneliese and Andi over and we had some prosecco while catching up. Afterwards Gerti and I headed out to meet Florian and his wife & son for lunch. Had a delicious lunch and we were even lucky enough to sit outside. After lunch Gerti and I headed to Kathrin´s home just across the border in Germany. Was great to see her and her newborn baby and husband. Had some coffee and apple strudel and caught up a bit before Gerti & I had to head back to Salzburg where I took the train back to St. Pölten. Definitely a fun day. 

Monday to Thursday I had to work this week which made the week go by fast as well. Since I worked US East Coast Hours I did have my mornings free and was able to go for a walk with my mom each day as well as accompany her to her speech therapy that she usually has on Tuesdays. Friday I had the day off and the weather luckily was really nice that day so I was able to take advantage of the afternoon and headed into St. Pölten. Did some shopping (some Mother´s Day gifts for my mom and some other odds and ends) and enjoyed just wandering around. Also had some delicious gelato and ended up hanging out in an outdoor cafe enjoying a cocktail (Hugo) for a bit. 

Saturday was centered all around the royal family and events in England. My mom had the TV turned on by 9am so we were watching the coronation coverage most of the day. Did go for a walk with my mom as well as a bit of a stroll by myself to break up the TV time but other than that we had the TV on most of the day. Did some reading and other random stuff while having the TV on. Also made sure to get to the grocery store to buy a few more random things to bring back. 

And today was mostly just a quiet day. Went for another walk with my mom and managed to get all of my stuff packed up. Packing always ends up being a chore but I managed to get everything done. Fingers crossed both pieces of luggage are under the allowed weight limit. 

Well that´s about all. Going to watch the coronation concert tonight and tomorrow my airport transfer pickup is booked for 6.30am. Crazy how fast these trips can fly by and crazy how it is already May 8 tomorrow. Time is just racing by. 

 Mail Update: A letter went out on Friday to: Carmen/Malta. 

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