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Monday, May 15, 2023

Eurovision, Mother's Day and other stuff

IMG_20230514_100838_548Yup already a full week since I flew back to the US. Came back exactly a week ago today.

All in all the first week back has been pretty uneventful. Mostly over my jetlag now which is always a struggle the first few days.

Travel back was pretty normal. The airport transfer/taxi picked me up at 6.30am. Had some food and drinks at the airport before boarding my non stop Austrian flight to Newark. Arrival into Newark was bumpy and the lines at the airport were annoyingly long plus traffic back to CT was super backed up. But it is what it is, right? Made it back in one piece with all of my luggage so really that's all that matters.

Went to the office on Tuesday. First day back is always a struggle but of course made it through as I always do. Rest of the week was fine, busy with catching up but nothing too unusual.

Friday we had Wednesday's (the kitten) appointment to get him fixed. Dropped him off in the morning and picked him up in the evening. And he acted like nothing happened. I guess the procedure is a lot less complicated for a male cat than a female. But even knowing that it was kind of funny how he acted like he didn't have surgery at all. I mean I am glad of course, just kind of funny.

Saturday was the day of the Eurovision Song Contest. I had already planned on staying home figuring I would keep an eye on Wednesday (although he really didn't need me as it turns out) so I ordered myself some Panera and watched Eurovision. Austria qualified for the finals and we had a lot of predictions that were saying the Austrian song was actually rumored to possibly place in the top 10. We ended up with 15th place. Oh well. Sweden won which means the song contest will be held there next year. I thought the UK did a good job cohosting with the Ukraine this year in Liverpool.

Sunday was Mother's Day and we drove to Flipside in Fairfield for lunch. Hung out there for a while before heading back to Danbury. Caught up on a bunch of recorded shows Saturday and Sunday night as well.

 Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Celia/MA and Nina/WA. 

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