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Saturday, July 01, 2006


God I am so bored. If procrastination was an art I think I would have perfected it by now. I have 12 letters to write but instead I have been surfing the web aimlessly the whole afternoon. I came home from work around 4 pm and since have not accomplished anything.

Well, I made dinner at some point but before and after that I have just surfed the web. Browsing Livejournal, browsing Interpals, checking out random sites and pretty much just doing nothing. I hate when I get like that.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be more energetic and be able to catch up on my mail. I can hear the 4th of July fireworks that are happening at the lake. I wish we could see them too. Oh well.

Mail Update: Have received letters from Kirsty/UK, Lexi/DC, Alison/UK, Nova/Utah, Nadine/Tenerife, Jessica/Delaware, Caroline/Scotland, Jo/UK and Angela/Virginia.

Since my last update I have mailed letters out to: Barbara/Linz, Charmaine/Malta, Michelle/Canada and Pamela/Florida.

I want to do something exciting !

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I'm bored, too, but I'm at the office. I have a zillion things that require my attention but zero enthusiasm for any of them.

I'd love to go for a picnic today and maybe a nap in a park on a big blanket under some trees.

Posted by: Leslie | Jul 5, 2006 10:25:40 AM

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