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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Update

And it's already Sunday night again. I can't believe how fast weekends fly by. I guess it didn't help that I worked on Saturday and didn't get out until about 6:30 pm. I shouldn't complain cause I haven't had to work that late on a Saturday in a long time. Usually when I work Saturdays nowadays I just cover the order entry shift where I get out at about 3. It kind of brought back memories from when I used to do that job before I got promoted to supervisor/manager.

Let's do a quick mail update. Received letters from Guilia/Italy, Jessica/Delaware, Carmen/Germany, Nicki/Australia, Jo/UK and intro-letters from Jetta/Finland, Becky/Michigan and Lene/UK.

I have done letters today to Jessica/Delaware, Tiffany/Oklahoma and Wendy/California. I know not a super productive day but what can I say ? The heat is just getting to me plus I was procrastinating watching the season 6 finale of Friends (where Chandler proposes to Monica).

Also made dinner. Vegetable frittata. It came out pretty good. It's my attempt of eating healthier. Let's see how that works out. :) I guess it all depends on the craziness at work and whatever else happens.

PS: Good news on the travel horizon. We booked our flights for our New Year's/January vacation. We are flying Dec. 30th from NY to Miami to meet up with Kirsty and Laraine (who are there for New Year's from the UK). Then we are heading on to San Antonio/Texas Jan. 1st until Jan. 6th to meet up with my parents (who are there for a vacation from Austria). Then we'll head back to NY. So lots of traveling and planes for us in a short time span. We'll need a vacation after we get back from our vacation. :)The great part about this though is that we did most of this with our saved up airmiles so we didn't have to pay much at all. Yay for airmiles.

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