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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Autumn Hike

Another beautiful autumn day. Started the day off by getting up early (well earlier than we usually do - LOL) and heading out to Tarrywile Park. We decided to go on a nice autumn hike. And believe me we were rewarded for getting up early. :) It was so pretty out there in the woods with all the colors. There were tons of leaves on the ground which always crunch so nicely when you step on them. :) It was really a great walk. If you are interested check out the trail map - we did the Parks and Back Pond trail which is approx. 2.3 miles long.
Here's the link to the rest of the pictures. Go take a peak. :)

Spent the rest of the afternoon watching Rachael Ray on TV and writing letters. My cat Ollie was curled up on my lap, a nice mug of tea next to me, Yankee Candle "Banana Nut Bread" burning - a very cozy afternoon. :)

Gonna head out to Red Lobster in a little bit. Yum-O. :)
I would be inspired to cook after watching so much Rachael Ray but we don't have any fun ingredients at home to make a nice dinner so I'll have to wait till we go grocery shopping again. Rachael Ray made a really yummy chicken marsala on one of the shows I watched - definitely want to try that. :)

Short mail update: Wrote letters today to: Jessica/DE and Angela/VA.
Received letters from/still owe replies to: Jetta/Finland, Lene/UK, Kimber/Canada, Michelle/Winnipeg, Becki/MI, Nadine/Tenerife, Pamela/FL, intro-letters from Syvil, PA and Rachel/RI. Some day I will catch up with everyone - I promise. :)

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You and I have so much in common. You've described an absolutely perfect weekend day in my books. :)

Posted by: Leslie | Oct 23, 2006 12:21:09 PM

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