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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Autumn Day (Yankee Candle, Cracker Barrel, .. etc.)

And a whole week has already gone by again ? How does time fly so much ?

This past week was mostly spent with watching baseball as the NY Mets were battling the St, Louis Cardinals in the NCLS to reach the entry into the World Series against the Detroit Tigers. It was a best out of 7 series and unfortunately the Mets blew it in game 7. I'm usually not that much into baseball but couldn't help but get caught up in this whole post-season frenzy glued to the TV hoping and praying they would make it. Well, there's always next year. :)

Today the birthday bash celebrations began (that's what I call all the activities I choose to do around my birthday). We went up to South Deerfield, Massachusetts to go to the Yankee Candle flagship store. I LOVE going up there. It truly is an amazing store with so much fun/cool stuff in it. I love all the things they have including the candles of course. :) It would be hard for me to decide what I love best about the store. They have an amazing home/bath/kitchen section and a really cool Christmas village with Christmas ornaments and decorations and loads more. I ended up buying a garlic infused oil, a candle (Cinnamon Appleberry), some Halloween cards and a Christmas tree ornament (a squirrel sitting on a tea cup -- so cute).

On the way back we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch, another tradition whenever we go to Yankee Candle. :) I love going there as they have super yummy food along with a neat country store. And their chocolate cobbler is to die for ! =)
All in all it was a really nice autumn-y day, brisk blue skies, breezy, leaves blowing all around. Just so pretty. I love fall. I wish you could capture the smells and the way the air feels and have it last forever !

Short mail update: Wrote letters today to: Kirsty/UK, Nina/WA and Celia/MA.
Received letters from/owe replies to: Jetta/Finland, Lene/UK, Kimber/Canada, Michelle/Winnipeg, Becki/MI, Nadine/Tenerife, Pamela/FL, Jessica/DE, Angela/VA, intro-letters from Syvil, PA and Rachel/RI. Hope I am not forgetting anyone.

PS: We booked our flights to Vienna for December. Yay. So we will be in Austria Dec. 7th through Dec. 14th.

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