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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why does time fly even faster when you are on vacation?

Rathaus Amazing how fast time flies, only one more day here tomorrow and then on Thursday I am already on a plane back to the US. Definitely having a great time, just wishing time wouldn't fly by so fast.

On Saturday I met up with my friend Lydia in Vienna and we went to Crossfield's (an Australian restaurant right in downtown Vienna) and spent some time there catching up and chatting. Afterwards we walked around for a bit and then sat at a nice outdoor bar eating, drinking and talking some more.
On Sunday I met with my friend Andrea in front of City Hall where there is always a big festival each summer. Lots of booths offering different kinds of food and drinks from a lot of different countries along with live music and movies on a big open air screen at night. I had some really yummy asian noodles with crispy duck and chatted with Andrea.
Then on Monday we were back at the house in Lower Austria, had a yummy lunch at a Heurigen and in the afternoon met with my friend Anneliese. She came over and we spent some time in our garden, chatting, then swam in the pool. Afterwards we looked at her pictures from her cruise (Italy, Greece, Slovenia) and then had dinner on her balcony in her apartment. Also got to meet her boyfriend which was nice as well.

Mail update: A letter to Carmen/Malta and a package to Joanne/UK went out on Monday. So far letters are going out once I get back to the US to: Celia/MA, David/IN, Kimber/Canada and Tiffany/OK Received letters from/still owe replies to: Jetta/Finland and Nicki/OZ.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

New haircut

Hanna2 I guess being on vacation means I have more time to make posts. :) So I will bore you all with the excitement of my day. LOL. Went to the hairdresser this morning at 10am and spent a good two hours there, getting a cut, new color (red with dark brown streaks) and lots of questions about my life in the US: I guess that's normal considering I go to a small town hairdresser in Austria. But I really like the way they do my hair so I can endure their questions once a year. LOL. :)

After the hairdresser my parents took me to lunch. Had lots of yummy food, then an iced coffee at home for dessert. After that I went into the pool for an hour. It's already 5:30 pm now, Amazing how fast the day goes by doing absolutely nothing. Definitely more fun than being at work though. :) Tomorrow and Sunday I am meeting up with some friends in Vienna. Looking forward to that.

Mail update: No letters have gone out. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Carmen/Malta, David/IN, Jetta/Finland, Kimber/Canada and Tiffany.OK.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quick hello from Austria

Been meaning to update for ages but of course it didn't happen. I actually took a really cute picture of Oliver when I was packing for my trip. He was sleeping next to my suitcase, being all tired after watching me pack. Meant to make a post at that point but somehow that didn't happen.

Got to Austria this morning at 8am (left NY yesterday at 5:50pm). The first day is always a bit of a blurr with jetlag but it's definitely nice not to be at work. It's a really hot day here today so it was good to swim in the pool for an hour. Also had lots of yummy food already so definitely can't complain. Tomorrow I have a hair appt. at 10. Over the weekend I am heading into Vienna to meet up with some friends and then three more relaxing days at my parent's house after that. Heading back on Thursday, 30th. I will try to make a better update soon.

Mail update: Since the last update a letter went out to Lotte/Denmark. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Carmen/Malta, David/IN, Jetta/Finland, Kimber/Canada and Tiffany.OK.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello from Plum Island

Hanna-Plum Island Just a quick post. We are spending a long weekend away this weekend which is really nice. It's great to be away for a few days. Staying near Plum Island, MA at this really nice inn. Went to a nice place for dinner last night and had a margeritha flatbread with buffalo mozzarella. Yummm. :)

Today we spent our day mostly on Plum Island exploring all the different areas inside the wildlife refuge area. Walked along the beach for a while and also a bunch of trails. There were two really neat trails one leading through the marsh and one through the dunes. Very cool. I will be sure to post all the pictures soon. :)

Tonight we are heading out to dinner in a few minutes. Oh and I had super delicious black raspbery gelato in Newburyport this afternoon. Yummy. :) There were tons of people around in Newburyport as they are having a festival this weekend. Well, that's all for now. Heading out to dinner in a second.

Mail update: So far letters are going out on Monday to: Jessica/DE and Charles/TN. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Jetta/Finland, Kimber/Canada and Tiffany.OK. 

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th of July

PlumIslandMA  Didn't do anything for the 4th of July really (I worked from 9 till 2) but that's ok because next weekend I actually have off (the first weekend in weeks) and we are planning a little getaway which will be nice. Our wedding anniversary (well our American one since we had two ceremonies) is on July 12 so it will be nice to get away and celebrate. We are going to Plum Island, MA which isn't terribly far away (about a 3 hour drive) but looks really nice. We booked a room at a lovely inn and our room even has a jacuzzi tub - how cool. :) It's only for two nights (Fr-Sun) but it will be nice to get away for a few days. 

Not too much else new really. This past week was fairly busy with the holiday and all. Next week will probably be pretty busy too since I have a new employee starting to replace a girl who is leaving in 3 weeks. But it's not all that long now until my trip to Austria. I'll be on a plane July 22. Yay. :)

Mail update: Tomorrow a letter is going out to: Celia/MA. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Jessica/DE, Charles/TN, Kimber/Canada and Tiffany.OK. 

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