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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lunchtime feast

Salami-bread-cheese Since I had Thursday off I had to work Saturday. It ended up being an ok day. Busy but not too terrible. After work we went grocery shopping (I got a stick of Genoa salami and a block of Jarlsberg light Swiss cheese) and then had dinner. Watched "Up in the Air" (George Clooney) before going to bed.

Today was a pretty laid back day. Slept in till almost noon and then relaxed for most of the day. Mike went to TK's with Tim to watch the baseball game and hang out. I decided to stay home and prepared a little feast for myself. Sliced some Genoa salami, some Hungarian salami, Swiss cheese and some of the 7 grain bread I bought. Very delicious. :)

Going to watch a movie in a bit. Maybe "Vicky Christina Barcelona". And then afterwards we will watch the Emmy's. Always enjoy watching the award shows. Kind of a guilty pleasure of mine I guess. Will probably have some cheese and crackers and some wine while we watch TV.

Next week will be really busy at work I am sure. All the schools are starting up so that means a lot of organizing of delivery days/schedules plus Labor Day is coming up and then the same week there is also the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana which means a bunch of schools have that off too. Lots of chaos and organizing.  

Short mail update for today. A letter is going out tomorrow to: Jessica/DE. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Celia/MA, Carmen/Malta, Eunice/Malta and Alex/Germany.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Productive day off

Salami A mid week post from me, pretty unusual these days. The reason behind it is that I am off from work today and home. Not sure I even remember the last time I was off during the week and actually had a day to myself.

I did sleep in but other than that it's been a fairly productive day so far. I mowed the lawn which was quite the work out. It definitely needed to be mowed for weeks now so it took some effort to cut through all the grass. I was happy with our new electronic lawnmower we bought last year though. I hadn't used it yet so I wasn't sure what to expect but it worked very nice, never stalled and worked nice and smooth.

After I was done mowing the lawn I was so hot and dripping with sweat (ugh) I had to take a shower. Now just catching up with a few things around the house. Over the weekend I finally set up the food slicer that Mike got me for my birthday/Christmas (can't remember which) last year. And yesterday we stopped by the German deli in town so I could get some Hungarian salami. It's actually made in the US but it has a very authentic taste. $8.79 for 12oz. Not too too terrible I guess. I am very happy to be able to buy sticks of it now though to slice whenever I want it. I also want to buy a block of cheese and some Genoa salami the next time we are at the store.

Still have a few other things around the house I want to do this afternoon. Bought some battery powered LED lights I want to stick in the closet. I can never see anything in there, especially on the bottom where the shoes are, so that will be good. Then for dinner I am making chicken wings with a garlicky seasoning mix I bought in Austria. It looks delicious so hopefully it tastes as good as it looks.

Short mail update for today. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Celia/MA, Jessica/DE, Eunice/Malta and Alex/Germany.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Laid back weekend

Sadie+Mindy-asleepcouch So this weekend we actually had both Saturday and Sundy off. But somehow it still flew by super qickly. Stayed home the whole weekend and just relaxed at home, took care of some things around the house that needed to be done but nothing much else.

The kittens are settling in pretty well. Oliver is even sort of getting along with them, only hissing at them when they get on his nerves too much, chasing his tail or jumping on top of him. Yesterday he was even peacefully sharing the loveseat with Mindy. :)

Tomorrow I have another Austrian meet-up in NYC so we will be heading to NY after work. On Wednesday we need to go to the electronic recycling place in Danbury where you can drop off old TV's, computers, etc. Our TV in the bedroom recently died (it's lived its life, Mike got it when he was around 12) so we replaced it with a new TV. We also have some old computer monitors and things like that stored in the attic that we want to get rid of.

Also need to mow our lawn. Today it pretty much rained all day so we couldn't do that today. So hopefully soon.

Short mail update for today. Letters are going out tomorrow to: Charles/TN and David/IN. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Eunice/Malta and Alex/Germany.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Please meet Sadie & Mindy

Mindy Another 6 day week finally over. But today was a good day that made the whole week worth it. We have two new kittens. :) We were thinking about getting another cat for a while now since Dinah passed away. Oliver seemed kind of out of balance and I thought it would be good for him to have another cat around. So we thought about it for a while, looked around Petfinder and eventually decided on a black & white kitten from a lady in Stamford, CT who does cat rescues.

We had an appointment to meet with Cora at 1pm today. It was great to meet her and all her cute cats. It was fun being a house full of social cats, younger and older. The kitten we had originally decided on was there also. She seemed cute but a lot wilder, outgoing and playful, something that might not have been best for our 12 year old Oliver. So Cora suggested getting a kitten sister pair. They are already used to each other, can keep each other company and that way stay out of Oliver's hair a little more. Plus they tend to be less bad if they are together.

So anyway, long story short, we now have two kittens. :) Sadie (all grey) and Mindy (grey and white). Very cute. :) Oliver is handling it fairly ok. There has been a good amount of hissing but all in all it could be much much worse. I am sure they will get used to each other eventually.

Short mail update for today. No letters have gone out. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Celia/MA, Charles/TN and Alex/Germany.

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Weekend Plans

NY-Aquarium_5114 And the weekend is finally here. It's been a long week working 6 days. Been covering for somebody in a different department who is on vacation so been in fact doing two jobs every day. The first three days of the week I was also training someone on closing so at work till 7 every day.

Next week won't be too much better. Have to cover that other position for two more weeks. It's not so bad since I have gotten a routine down now but it's still extra workload of course.

Tonight after work I plan on finally unpacking the rest of my things/luggage. And tomorrow we will probably take a trip out to Coney Island to the New York Aquarium and then stop at Cafe Steinhof on the way back. Originally we were thinking of staying home but it's supposed to be a really nice day, almost no humidity too, so I think it will be a nice day to be out and about.

**EDIT** We decided against the NYC idea. We will sleep in instead and then head down to Westport, CT to check out the newest of the Rizzuto's locations. Westport has some nice shops, areas to walk around in too, so will still be nice to be outside. But less time consuming than the drive to NYC and the loooooong subway ride to Coney Island. I am sure we will do that another time.

Short mail update for today. No letters have gone out. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Charles/TN and Alex/Germany.

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

CT Wine Festival

Ctwinefestival Still no luggage but at least they located it, first at London Heathrow and now at NY JFK. So I guess the positive way of looking at it is that at least they know where my bags are. I am hoping that I will get them tomorrow but we will see I guess. They have been at JFK since around 8pm Friday night.

Work has been busy but that won't change for the next three weeks or so since I will be working 6 days, training one of my newer employees in additon to covering for another employee in another department who will be on vacation. At least I won't be bored. :)

Today we went to the CT Wine Festival in Goshen, CT. Had fun checking out all the different booths. We went last year as well and it was pretty much the same thing, although they seemed to have more booths with food, etc. this year. We bought four bottles of wine, a bottle of dipping olive oil (Herbs de Provence) and a jar of roasted garlic marinara sauce. All in all a nice afternoon. Afterwards we went to the Cambridge House (brewpub) in Torrington, CT.

And now we are home having some cheese and crackers and watching movies. Yesterday we watched "The Proposal" and "Iron Man". Today "Duplicity".

.Short mail update for today. No letters have gone out. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Charles/TN.

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