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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

20140525_122142_resized_1Memorial Day Weekend =official start of the summer season. The weather has actually turned out to be pretty decent so can't complain too much in that regard. Everything at work leading up to the holiday was crazy busy of course but all in all that's normal and expected. As usual at least one thing fell through the cracks. No matter how much I try to prepare and keep an eye on things it doesn't always work 100%. 

We actually have a three day weekend which is insanely rare. Usually I am always working at least one of the days of the holiday. Well, not going to complain. I will take it. :) Yesterday, Saturday, we went for a 5 mile walk on a trail in Meriden/Cheshire followed by lunch at 121 Restaurant in Oxford. Today, Sunday, we went to the Yale Peabody Natural History Museum. Neat place. Pretty much similar to the one in NYC, just smaller of course. Now we are at a late lunch at SBC Brewery in Milford. 

Not sure what the plan for tomorrow, Monday, the actual holiday, is yet. I have some things I should do around the house so maybe we can get some of that stuff done tomorrow hopefully. 

Received a letter/owe a reply to: Carmen/Malta, Charles/TN and Nina/WA.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rhode Island Day Trip - Zoo & Lunch

20140518_111735_resized_1Already another week gone by. A week ago today we were at the B&B in NJ and it just went by way too fast. :( Had a great rest of our stay though. Sunday night we had seafood for dinner at the Union Landing Restaurant in Brielle. Yummy.

Then Monday we checked out a Wildlife Preserve near Atlantic City. Absolutely loved it. They had a 8 mile wildlife drive and also some trails plus a boardwalk through a marshy area. All very cool. Saw a bunch of birds, a turtle, raccoon, baby geese and more. Afterwards we drove to Cape May for lunch and then back to the B&B. Dinner that night was more seafood at Wharfside Restaurant. They had a really nice outdoor area and our table was right by the water. Made me want to stay. 

Tuesday we slept in a bit, then checked out and headed home. Stopped in Philly on the way and had lunch at the Hard Rock. Also discovered that the Hard Rock is right across the street from the Loews Hotel which is where I will be staying in June when I go to Philly for the Diana Gabaldon book signing event. So that will be convenient.

Rest of the week was back to work. Busy as usual. Worked Saturday. Today, Sunday, we decided to take a day trip out to Rhode Island. Drove to Providence to go to the zoo there which was really nice. Pretty big and lots of neat animals. They had a pretty big Australia area which made me happy since I love wallabies, kangaroos and koalas. After the zoo we met up with our friend Tim. Had lunch at the Union Station Brewery in downtown Providence. He recently moved out to Rhode Island with his girlfriend so it was fun to see him and catch up.

Mail Update: Letters went out on Thursday to: Caroline/Scotland and Laura/Spain. A letter is also going out tomorrow to: Tiffany/OK. Received a letter/owe a reply to: Charles/TN and Nina/WA.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hello from the Jersey Shore

BedBreakfastWhat a gorgeous day. I think I can honestly say it's the first day that feels like late spring/early summer this year. It's been sunny and between 70 and 80F (21-26C) depending how close to the coast you are. Not humid really either, just really nice. I can tell I am not used to the sun anymore though because I can definitely feel it. We weren't even outside for that long, just walked along the boardwalk in Atlantic City for a bit. Well tomorrow I will be sure to put on some sunscreen just to be on the safe side.

We left Danbury around 8:30 this morning. Stopped at Starbucks and then we were on our way. Headed to Atlantic City where we had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Atlantic City really is pretty crappy. I mean they have built some new hotels that I am sure are nice but all in all the whole vibe definitely isn't my thing. I had never been there before so I was curious to see what it was like. All in all it is about what I pictured I suppose. It's basically Coney Island with a bunch of trashy Jersey Shore type people and some casinos. I did enjoy walking along the boardwalk and had fun people watching from inside the Hard Rock. Our table overlooked the boardwalk so we had a great view for people watching. 

After we were done in Atlantic City we drove to our bed & breakfast to check-in. Really happy with the room. We are the only people staying here since it's still off-season and mid-week so we pretty much have the whole place to ourselves. Very cool. Hanging out in the room for a bit now before heading out to dinner in a little while. 

And last but not least of course Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all of my friends who are mothers. :) I am happy that my mom is now back home and doing better than she has been. My parents are leaving for a 2 week trip to the Croatian coast on Tuesday so that will be nice. Will be good for them to be able to relax for a bit, eat good food, walk on the beach and just enjoy a change of scenery. 

Mail Update: On the way here wrote letters to: Caroline/Scotland and Laura/Spain. Received a letter/owe a reply to: Tiffany/OK and Nina/WA.

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Sunday, May 04, 2014

It's finally getting to be spring

Export-2Finally some nice weather. It's about time. :) But you can never be too sure because every time I think we have truly reached spring the weather shifts again so who knows. This weekend was pretty decent weather wise though so can't complain too much right this second. Yesterday we had to work but were able to leave around noon. Went to the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport, CT to take advantage of the nice weather. Walked around for a while and then headed to the SBC Brewing Company in Milford for a late lunch. When it got too busy there we went back to Danbury and hung out at Two Steps for a while.

Slept in a bit today which was nice. Got up at 9.30, took a shower, got ready, went grocery shopping and then to the movies to see the new Spiderman movie. I am not really a super hero fan usually but I thought it was a pretty good movie. After the movies we went to the White Horse Tavern in Marbledale for a delicious brunch. Now hanging out at Rizzuto's for a bit before heading home. So not in the mood for Monday tomorrow.

In more fun news only one more week and then a week from today we will be heading to the B&B on the Jersey Shore.  Cannot wait. :) We also just booked a one night stay at a 5-star hotel in NYC Saturday July 12-Sunday July 13 for our American wedding anniversary. You can check out the hotel here. So I am very excited about that. Yay for fun things to do. :)

Plus in June I am heading down to Philly for one night to attend a book signing event by Diana Gabaldon. Staying at a nice hotel for that as well. Only me going since Mike isn't really interested in the books but I should have fun either way. And the day after I get back we have the Paramore/Fallout Boy concert in Hartford. All very fun. 

Mail Update: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Caroline/Scotland, Tiffany/OK and Laura/Spain.

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