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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Boston, Tree Swallow Cruise and more

TreeswallowHere is my weekly update which always seems to happen on Sundays these days. :) Let's see what I can tell you about last week? Our weather was fairly fall like for most of the week. Monday we worked half the day and then drove up to Boston. Checked in at our hotel and then found a neat beer/wine bar/pub in Cambridge right near Harvard Square. Hung out there for a while. The original plan was to go see a concert but due to sound issues the set time kept getting pushed back and eventually we decided to just skip the show (the people we wanted to see wouldn't have come on till after midnight) and to hang out some more.

Tuesday we checked out from the hotel and headed over to the JFK Presidental Library. We had never been there and got the idea to go there when we went to the FDR Home & Library a few weeks ago. Glad we went, it was definitely a very well done museum with great exhibits highlighting his life and political career.  

Wednesday to Saturday were regular work days for me. Saturday we headed down to Norwalk for a late lunch/early dinner at the SoNo Brewpub. And today, Sunday, we are currently hanging out at Starbucks. Driving to Oxford for lunch in a little bit and then on to East Haddam, CT. That's where we have a nature cruise booked at 5pm. It's a tree swallow cruise and seems pretty neat. Last March we did an eagle cruise with the same company which was very cool. The weather is a bit weird at the moment, very humid, foggy and generally unstable. But according to the Weather Channel it's supposed to clear up a bit later so I hope that holds true. We will see I guess.

Then tomorrow is already Monday again and another work week. I have plenty of things to take care off before we leave for North Carolina next week on Saturday. We will be gone for a week, taking advantage of the timeshare resort in the NC mountains that my parents had originally booked but now unfortunately can't use. At least they are currently in Croatia enjoying a vacation of their own which is nice for them.

Mail Update: Letters went out on Wednesday to : David/IN and Nina/WA. Owe replies to: Lotte/Denmark. 

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