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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hello Fall (PEZ, Yale Art and more)

Collage_20140914164323465_20140914164338274And already Sunday again. And it really feels like fall this weekend. I love fall generally speaking but it feels like we went from hot summer weather to cool fall weather in a matter of minutes. It's usually still much warmer here in September in this part of the US so this is not really expected.

Saturday we went into work for a bit in the morning before heading out to have some fun. Went to the PEZ Factory & Museum in Orange, CT. It was fun to see some of the older vintage items and learn more about the history (for those of you who don't know it was created in Vienna, Austria and the family still holds a 2/3 interest in the company) 

After PEZ we went to New Haven to check out the Yale Art Museum. We had never been there and considering it's free it really was about time to check it out. We ended up enjoying it quite a bit. Very nicely laid out, bright and airy. 

Had lunch at SBC Brewery in Milford afterwards and eventually headed back to Danbury to take care of some issues at the office before meeting up with our friends Kim and John for John's 40th birthday celebration at Old Heidelberg (they had a special Oktoberfest event going on) 

Today, Sunday, we decided to take advantage of the nicer, sunnier weather (yesterday it was cloudy and then rained most of the afternoon) and went for a 5 mile/8 km walk along a trail in Cheshire/Meriden. Then headed for lunch at 121 Restaurant in Oxford. Nice, relaxing Sunday all in all.

Tomorrow we are only working half a day until noon and then heading up to Cambridge, Massachusetts (near Boston) for a concert. Going to see "The Dollyrots". Staying overnight and then driving back on Tuesday. Might end up doing something around the Boston area on Tuesday depending on how our schedule turns out. 

Mail Update: Still owe replies to: David/IN and Nina/WA.

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