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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Home Improvements

HelpAnd another week gone by and already November. Where has this year gone? Busy week at work but that's about normal for this time of year. Just going to get busier as we approach the holiday season. Speaking of that while running various errands today we went to Kohl's to return some items and were faced with Christmas music and holiday decorations all over the store. Halloween has barely passed. That just doesn't make sense to me. Sorry. 

Anyway, spent the morning running errands, heading to various stores. We needed to buy a new radio alarm clock and thought it would be quicker to get it in a store rather than order it online and wait for it to ship. Well apparently that was a wrong assumption. It took us four tries but we eventually found a reasonably priced one at PC Richards & Son. 

After all the errands we stopped for lunch at TKs and after that headed back home to put together some more furniture items. I am convinced that they try to make it as impossible as can be on purpose whenever you have to put together anything. We had a bathroom shelf (one of those that sits over the toilet so it can save space) and some hooks to install and let's just say it wasn't a lot of fun. 

Rearranged some furniture in our bedroom to try and get everything into its final space. Still have some items to unpack but now that the dresser is in place I can unpack the items that were sitting on top of the dresser and put them back. Also can unpack the rest of my bathroom items now that I have more shelf space in there. 

We still have pictures to hang up and some other deco items but all in all it is getting there. Plus of course the bigger purchases like the washer/dryer, bedframe, couch, kitchen table etc. Well, we will get there eventuallly.

Mail Update: Owe replies to: Tiffany/OK, Charles/TN, Jessica/DE and Carmen/Malta. 

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