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Sunday, April 26, 2015

IKEA .. Kitchen .. Table & Chairs .. Yay :)

Collage_20150426130144584_resized_1The really nice weather took a turn back to winter this week as we had frost warnings for several nights in a row plus temps below freezing overnight. Monday and Tuesday it rained and was pretty miserable. Wednesday wasn't so bad for half of the day. As I was home I was able to take a walk to the library to check out some books (Nora Roberts' "The Dark Witch", Laura Childs' "Steeped in Evil" and Sarah Addison Allen's "Lost Lake") I am currently halfway through "The Dark Witch" and am really enjoying it. Great book.

Had to work Saturday and today we slept in. Also went to the movies to see "While we're young" which was a pretty good movie. And most importantly put together our table & chair set we picked up from Ikea a week and a half ago. Well, I say we, Mike really did all the work. :) I just helped with cleaning up the boxes, bags and random stuff plus vacuumed and cleaned around some other parts of the apartment while he worked on the kitchen stuff.  

Very happy with the outcome and nice to have a table and chairs in the kitchen again. So much nicer than the old set we had in our house too. And it was only $149 which really is a bargain. Can't complain about that whatsoever. :) 

Will head out for a late lunch in a bit and relax for the rest of our Sunday. And then it will already be Monday again. Why do weekends always go by so fast? Ugh. On Tuesday we have to head to Port Chester as I have to get a new picture & fingerprints taken for renewing my green card. Can't believe I have already been here this long that it's time to renew my green card. Time really does fly. 

 Mail Update. Letters went out on Thursday to: Laura/Spain and Celia/MA. Owe replies to/received letters from: Nina/WA and Eunice/Malta. 

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