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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring .. we're slowly getting there

Collage_20150419155410285Yes it's spring and yes it's actually been pretty nice. Yesterday we had 70F (20C) but we had to work. It's a bit cooler today but not by that much and still nice and sunny. So we went for a 5 mile walk on a rail trail in Ridgefield to take advantage of the nice weather and to be outside. 

Now we are in Fairfield for a late lunch. Had a delicious arugula, tomato, white bean salad with a salmon cake. Soo good. Currently enjoying an equally delicious skinny strawberry margarita. Yumm. 

I was off on Wednesday last week and we made a trip to Ikea in New Haven in the afternoon to pick up a kitchen table/chair set. Haven't put it together yet but at least it's in our apartmen. Hopefully this coming week. 

Not too much else new really. Work's been about the same as always. Just happy that the weather has finally gotten a bit nicer although the forecast for next week holds some cooler, rainy weather again. But then that's spring for you I suppose. 

 Mail Update. A letter went out on Thursday to Charles/TN. Owe replies to/received letters from: Laura/Spain, Celia/MA and Eunice/Malta. 

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