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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Collage_20150526075830139And the three day weekend is already done and over with again. It's crazy how fast time flies, especially when it's something you were looking forward to. :)

All in all we had a pretty relaxed weekend and didn't do all that much but that's ok. Traffic can be so crazy on these holiday weekends so we really didn't want to go anywhere too far. Wanted to stay clear of NYC and any big parks/zoos etc. I remember last year we attempted to go to the Bronx Zoo on Memorial Day. What a crazy idea that was. We ended up at the Botanical Gardens instead which was nice but still a nightmare to get to. Ugh. 

So this year we ended up doing more low key things. :) Saturday we finished up the current season of "The Big Bang Theory" and then I watched the Eurovision Song Contest with my UK friend Joanne. Sunday we went for a nice walk at the CT Audubon Society in Fairfield where they have some pretty trails and afterwards had lunch at Flipside in Fairfield.

And yesterday, Monday, we went to the movies in the morning and saw "Tomorrowland" which was a fun movie. It probably didn't need to be quite as long as it was but once it got going it was a fun story. After the movies we stopped at the store to pick up some cheese & crackers and a bottle of wine. And then spent the rest of the day vegging out and binge watching a bunch of our recorded shows (Saturday Night Live & Hawaii Five O) Now it's Tuesday and back to work and real life. 

Mail Update: A letter is on its way to Laura/Spain today.

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